Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Why I won't be rushing to do another Marathon!

Just over two weeks ago I managed to complete the SHINE Manchester midnight marathon walk. It may have taken a little longer than expected ( almost nine hours) but I bloody did it!  NEVER, EVER, AGAIN though! Phew! Walking 26.2 miles amongst the drunken streets of Manchester City centre, when you should be snuggled up in bed pulling the Zzz in, is no easy feat.  I've been left with puddings for feet, two black toe nails that are hanging on by a thread and a killer kidney infection that has floored me for nearly two whole weeks!

We set off at 9pm from Manchester Uniteds old Trafford ground amid an electric atmosphere and we nailed the first ten miles, but I hit a wall at mile sixteen, I didn't think I could get passed it, yet surprisingly I pushed through and by mile twenty I was feeling as fresh as a daisy.  Then disaster struck, at mile twenty one my ginormous blister on my right heel popped and I feared it was all over.  I managed to hobble for the remaining 5.2 miles in sheer pain and was elated when I crossed the finish line, but I have to say I didn't feel any huge sense of accomplishment like I'd envisioned, just exhaustion and anti climax.  Yes we raised a commendable amount of money for Cancer research, a cause close to my heart, but I could have raised the same amount of money doing something decidedly more enjoyable and dare I say it easier.

Next time I think I'll arrange a sponsored silence or maybe a singathon, I'll leave the marathons and physical exhaustion to the professionals, and conserve my energy. How people actually run that many miles in just under half the time that I managed to walk, and enjoy it, it is beyond me....you deserve more than a medal people, but rather you than me!

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