Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 Is already a washout!

Five days in and already twenty ten is proving to be as difficult a year as the last one. So much for my positive attitude and being thankful for life's simple pleasures, F$£K simple pleasures, i mean how can a cup of tea and a hot water bottle help me after a night from hell with three sick kids and a husband suffering from toothache?

I'm sat in my Onsie pj's trying to comfort two very sick little twins, with black rings under my eyes big enough to compete with Beetle juice, piles of vomit covered bedding and clothes, a kitchen full of dirty dishes and i just want some.........SLEEP!!!

I'm exhausted, my parents are on a bloody Caribbean cruise, my sister is snowed in and my sister-in-law is working so i have little chance of a helping hand and to add insult to serious injury Mia's school is closed due to snow so I now have to provide entrainment and crafts!!!

Well I'm off to wallow in self pity, tackle at least a few dishes and hopefully try to get the twins to have a nap so i can catch up on my sleep. Oh and Mr Bold is busy "Practising his Snowboarding skill", he's at the chill factor in Manchester with his friends preparing for his forthcoming French Ski trip....Sans Famille of course!! But that's OK apparently because he did "make a five foot snowman this morning complete with buttons and everything". Men arghhh!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

What Makes you happy?

After reading an article in the daily mail yesterday entitled " How to have a happy life", which lists the top fifty things that make you happy and best of all they are free, it got me thinking as to what simple pleasures make me feel happy.I decided to compile my own lists but before i reveal all here are my favourite ten out of the featured top fifty pleasures.

1. An early night
2. clean sheets
3. letting someone into traffic
4. hot water bottles
5. reading poetry
6. gossiping
7. giving to charity shops
8. running after a bus and catching it
9. Watching my children sleeping
10. walking barefoot in the sand

And now for my very own top ten free and simple pleasures:

1. Listening to my old CD collection - It's amazing how listening to Phil Collins can take me right back to my dad dancing whilst cooking Sunday Breakfast in my old family home and Mariah Carey's music box reminds me of all that teenage angst and blubbering over boys.

2. Finishing a good book - I love the sense of accomplishment you get, but i equally loath waisting all my time on reading a crap book.

3. Tucking up my freshly bathed and dressed for bed girls - I love the smell of their hair and knowing that they are all clean and safely in bed.

4. Having a clutter free and dust free home - i rarely spring clean but love it when i do, i feel light and trouble free.

5. Having a cup of tea in bed - morning or night, it feels so cosy and indulgent.

6. Visiting my nanna or another elderly relative - I wish i could make more of an effort to do this more often.

7. riding a bike - admittedly it's been years but i love the feeling of pure freedom it gives you.

8. A boiling hot bubble bath - pure bliss, but my skin has to be red as a lobsters when i get out to feel the full effects

9. Swimming - I haven't donned a swimsuit with my kids, unless I'm on holiday...EVER! That's all about to change though this year as I've very recently rediscovered my love of taking a dip in the pool and my jelly belly isn't half as bad as i fear.

10. Swinging - Hahaha no you filthy minded lot, not THAT kind of swinging, i mean actually sitting on a swing in the park with the kids and seeing who can go the highest, nothing beats feeling like a kid again!

I'm now going to tag ten other bloggers and ask them to list their very own free simple pleasures that make them happy, lets call it the "Ten best things in my life that are free" meme. Feel free to join in even if i haven't tagged you i don't mean to leave anyone out but there are not enough hours in the day for me to tag all my blog roll. So enjoy guys, i know i did!

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