Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wii Fit Wednesday

Way back in August i agreed to review the EA sports Active personal trainer, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to fight the fat and battle the bulge, only for one reason or another life sort of kept getting in the way and well honestly i was just too lazy to get of my fat $£!$ and do some exercise!

Well today's the day i start to take action and get fit, I'm commencing the EA Active 30 day challenge, I've finally invested in a sports bra, fixed my wii remote and if that wasn't enough i have even taken my measurements and everything so here goes ...gulp:

Waist: 32inch

Hips: 41inch!!!!!

Left thigh: 23.5 inch

Right thigh: 23inch

upper arms: 11inch

There's no where to hide now, it's all out there in the ether for all to see and I'm hoping that will be the motivation i need to kick start my new fitness regime, I'll be updating you every week with my WII FIT WEDNESDAY posts. Wish me luck, i think I'm going to be needing it......


  1. That's so funny today I started my post baby bulge begone diet and I am so struggling. My temptation broke today and I had chocolate raisins but I figured they were not soooo bad.
    I don't have the wii fit but I have fit 2 year old to run after so I hope that burns as many calories.
    Best of luck with it!

  2. Good Luck with it!!! I LOVE Wii Fit! Lucy can be a bit of a handful so I don't get to do it as often as I'd like...but if you do it right you can really have fun and get in shape. My favorites are the yoga and running.

    Oh, and the balance games are a fun way to warm up and cool down.

  3. that looks like my arse lol! good luck hun xxx

  4. Irish Mammy - I'm not suprised you buckled chocolate raisins are little drops of heaven...i lurrve them! I'm sure running after the two year old more than makes up for no Wii, best of luck x x

    Mrs. G. I. Joe - Tahnks hun! I don't mind the running but i'm not really loving the yoga yetx x

  5. Good luck with it - can't wait to see what you think of it, Mr Muddling has offered to buy me a wii fit to help me lose the baby weight so will watch with interest

  6. Amy -LOL i'm sure it's nowhere near that bad!

    Mwa - thanks hun x

    Muddling along mummy - I'll keep you posted but you don't need to worry yourself with all that now tell him to treat you to a foot massage and huge amounts of chocolate instead - you deserve them!

  7. You have to know how to work that booty and work your mojo. It's a piece of cake. LOL

  8. Just caught up with your last few posts; what a bad time you all had with that bug.

    I've been wondering about getting a piano to entice daughter into wanting to learn (I, like you, never learned because my parents couldn't afford the lessons, although I had free clarinet lessons courtesy of St Helens MBC). Let me know how it goes.

    And finally, good luck with the Wii Fit - I got Cardio Trainer (I know, ironic) for my Birthday, but so far daughter has used it more than me!

  9. Good luck. You're worth it!

  10. Good luck with that little project. Inches mean nothing to me, I am a centimetre girl. The numbers seem all so small.
    I would love to have the drive to work out at home, but there are always more important things to do. Blogging, phone calls, naps... :-)
    There's an award for you over at mine:

  11. Your thighs are different sizes?

  12. Wow - well you are one step ahead of me..I still have wii Personal Trainer in the packaging from months ago! Good on you! Look forward to hearing about it and maybe I will get tempted to give it a go too! Mind you that does mean throwing hubby off the Xbox first and that in itself is a challenge!!


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