Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I'm bored

Nope this is not another rant about how the children are constantly moaning to be entertained, I, me the mother, am actually bored shitless! It's only day two and considering it's my holiday too you'd think I'd be grateful for the rest and non existent early morning madness - but I'm not. I'm secretly counting down the days (five)until normal service is resumed and i haven't the option to just sit on my exceedingly large behind. The weather isn't helping, it's just another excuse for me to procrastinate and let the kids turn our relatively tidy home into a bombsite. I had such high hopes for our long week off together, me and the girls were going to make dens, bake, read lots of new books, play with Christmas presents that are still in their wrapping, build Lego, go for long walks, feed the ducks, play hide and seek, go to museums, play areas and use public transport. So far we have accomplished none of the aforementioned. The poor girls have sat through back to back DVD athons of free willy, finding Nemo, Toy story, little red riding hood and Mia and Sofia's school Christmas production of Busy Busy Bethlehem!

I had forgotten what a lazy b**ch I really am, you see for me freedom is anyhthing but, too much choice makes me panic, i can't handle it so i just DO NOTHING, rationalizing that this is a perfectly reasonable option. I think i work best under pressure so with that in mind i have made promises to the kids that we will visit the museums tomorrow via the train, Thursday we will go to a play area and do crafts and Friday we can have a trip to the cinema leaving Lego and the rest of the to do list for the weekend. Now I'm off to help Mia find my engagement ring she lost whilst playing dress up (i let her have it so i could stuff my face with tea and biscuits in silence)....fingers crossed i fined it or Mr Bold won't be too happy with me!

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  1. Hello! Have you tried making the lego tow truck? It took me about a week last time. Other than that - baileys coffee??!


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