Monday, 9 May 2011

How to make a Book Wreath

I've been covetting this beautiful book wreath for a while now, it's been doing the rounds on lots of blogs across the pond and so i though it was time to bring it to blighty!
Firstly you will need a foam wreath,or, if like me pennies are a little tight at the moment you can simply use a large circular bowl a a stencil and use good old cardboard! I had some lying around the house from the twins ikea beds.
You will also need a glue gun and glue sticks (approx 8 little ones), an old book you don't mind giving new lease of life, some gold paint, paint brush and scissors.

To start with you'll need to paint the edges of the book with the gold paint - it gives it that antique, rustic look. I did this the night before in order to let it dry in time.

Once the paint is dry begin by folding each page, you'll need lots of patience as you are going to use a LOT to fill out your wreath and don't forget to fold the bottoms too.

This is how i folded mine, somehow i'm having difficulty trying to describe exactly how - so i hope this helps.

Now start by gluing the pages around the inside of your wreath until it's full, use the folded tabs at the bottom.

This is what it will look like at the back of the wreath

Time now to fill all the gaps, be careful not to leave any spaces - the fuller the better

Finish by adding another layer to the inside of the wreath to make it bulkier and voila


  1. Thanks lisa, i've made a few and gave them as presents and everyone loves them.


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