Monday, 30 March 2009

Today was to be my fresh start after what has been a rather eventful few weeks to say the least, however it wasn't to be as Mimi awoke with a tongue resembling a strawberry, with white spots all over it and a killer cough. As i realised that she'd have to take the day off school panic set in, the thought of another child under my feet all day really was too much to bear but i sucked it up and went to wake the twins up for breakfast, only to find Bella covered in vomit - she too has caught the killer cough which caused her to baulk so badly she was sick!

Now i realise how awful i may sound but it's been one thing after another for four months, all 4 had chicken pox in January which was just horrendous, then there's been violent tummy bugs, tonsillitis, colds and runny nose's ever since. I took my youngest three to the local soft play area on Friday and within 30 minutes of being there i had to ring my hubby to rush Fifi to A&e with a suspected broken arm - she was stood right next to me and lost her footing resulting in her landing on her arm. Thankfully all was well and nothing was broken but it's just non stop drama.

I decided to start this blog to reclaim a tiny part of myself back, it was to be something private just for me, well i need not have bothered with the pseudonym as my dearest hubby, lets call him Mr Bold has just stumbled across my profile page (I'd forgotten to sign out), and accused me of being sneaky, and is certain I'm about to embark on some sordid little affair. Honestly why are men so impossible, he obviously judges me by his own standards and can't conceive how anyone can derive pleasure from something so "lame" as blogging. I am at my wits end, stuck at home all day with only 4 children with a collective age of 9 for company and he wonders why I'm looking for an outlet. Don't get me wrong i love my life, my husband and kids are the most important things in the universe to me yet am i such a bad person for feeling slightly short changed? I want to be content with my lot but honestly being a wife and mother doesn't completely satisfy me i still feel like a bit of the puzzle is missing. I know it won't be forever and i should cherish these years, and believe me i do but i can't help feeling a little suffocated at times.

Well I'm off now to make Easter bonnets for Mimi's school Easter bonnet competition, she's made a miraculous recovery and is demanding we decorate the paper mache balloons we made yesterday. I'm thinking a giant Easter egg with a chick popping out of the top but Mimi wants a bunny helmet, i will post some pictures of the bonnets when we've finished them.

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