Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Well the Easter bonnets were a huge success! we settled on a helmet resembling a chick as we didn't have any white tissue paper to make the rabbit and i have to say it's rather good. We popped the balloon used to make a paper mache cast and then cut out a whole big enough to fit over Mimi's head. Next we cut a semi circle out round her eyes, glued the orange beak made form card on and covered it in yellow tissue paper and finished of with a carefully selected arrangement of tiny chicks (bought from the pound shop).
Admittedly it only resembles a chick because i got a little carried away with myself, forgetting the purpose of the craft was for the kids to do and enjoy, i started to get a little bossy telling them exactly where to place everything down to the very last chick. My competitive streak kicked in once i heard there was to be a prize for the best bonnet in each class and now i soooo want to win. The main thing is fun was had by all, and to ease my guilt for taking over the bonnets i let them have free reign over making the Easter cards, so now everyone is happy:)

Actually, not everyone is happy, Bella was sick again this morning and this afternoon Evie puked twice, so the onslaught of illness is still not over and the doctor confirmed another tummy bug! So it's only a matter of time before it does the rounds again and all six of us are struck down, it's so frustrating as there always seems to be something. I'm now busy bleaching the whole house in a vain attempt to holt the bug and doing shed loads of washing.

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