Friday, 3 April 2009

dieting disaster

I had hoped to be a few pounds lighter by the end of this week as I'm off to sunny Spain for a friends hen party exactly 4 weeks today. Being a little on the podgy side lately i decided to do something about it and start the dreaded diet but only 4 days in to my healthy eating regime and I've sabotaged myself by eating a whole packet of custard creams and half a jar of nuttella in one go!!! The cravings just became to strong. i am a chocoholic (and proud) and was in desperate need of a sugar hit, so I've ruined 4 days hard slogging in just 15 minutes. I have to say it did taste amazing but I'm not sure it was worth it considering the clocks still ticking and now i feel so guilty i need to eat more bad food to comfort myself...vicious cycle eh?
I'm back on it though as 4 weeks should shorly be enough to make a notable improvement, and i can't keep using the kids as an excuse anymore seen as the twins are now 17months old!!!
So no chocolate or biscuits for four whole weeks god knows how I'll do it but something has gotta be done, as I'm desperate to start wearing clothes i actually like rather than choosing items purely to cover my massive arse and stomach.

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