Monday, 27 February 2012

the tap twins

Tonight I'm taking the twins for their second ballet and tap dance class and i can't wait to see their little uncoordinated legs flapping about again.  They were simply adorable and absolutely loved it, although they've insisted they have "tappy shoes" tonight.  Unfortunately i have just made a trip to the local dance store to find the shutters down and no sign that they'll be open for business any time soon!  Just my luck, I've drove past the place for the last two months and its always bloody open but as soon as i actually need something they shut down, i think a higher power might be trying to tell me something.  I did take the older girls to the same dance class a while back but they got board and gave up, not before fleecing me for a whole wardrobe full of dancing paraphernalia which has yet to see the light of day i might add.

If I'm honest  though i man handled the big girls into going in the first place, under some misguided belief that if my children were not applying themselves to at least three disciplines a week they were destined for failure and would end up on the scrap heap by the time they are sixteen.  Really i don't know why we put ourselves and our children under so much pressure is it to keep up with the Joneses? to relive our misspent youth? 

I suppose I'm just trying to give them the best childhood i possibly can and I'm scared I'm failing miserably.  They can't play an instrument (I've still not got around to tuning the piano i bought three years ago), they aren't fluent in Mandarin and they don't attend the best private school money can buy.  My eldest suffers from the same lazyitus i did at her age and manages to quit on everything she ever starts and i worry time is running out before they reach their teenage years and rebel completely.  The twins are my last chance to get it right and to instill some discipline, to show them that you only get out what you put in. So as long as they contine to tap away with a smile on their face i'll insist they keep going and when they start to complain they're "boared" I've always got the months worth of chocolate biscuits stashed in the car to bribe them with. Me pushy? How very dare you..........

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