Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Flabulous and proud!

"The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work on becoming yourself" - Anna Quindlen

Today is a monumental day, today is the day I finally embrace my body, the whole curvy mass of it; lumps, bumps, stretch marks and all its glory.  I stumbled upon this amazing blog  and had an Epiphany, I mean what right have I to HATE my body anyway?  My body is beautiful in its own way and has produced my four fabulous, perfect daughters for pity's sake. Why do I feel the daily need to put myself and my body down?

I'll tell you why, because I, like millions of others, have been conditioned by society to meet some warped idea of a "standard" size!  We'll I'm not standard, I'm special and a unique human being, as we all are and  I'm tired of being judged solely on my looks and angry for allowing myself to feel ashamed of my body for as long as I can remember.

So I will endeavour to embrace my whole being and stop the cycle of putting my life on hold; I do not have to wait to plan a girlie night out until i weigh 165 pounds again, i do not have to worry about whether people think I'm too fat to wear skinny jeans because their opinions are THEIR opinions not mine, they do not define me. Let the size revolution begin......


  1. I LOVE this Blog. Have been hopping along the Blog Hop on Britmums and nothing had jumped out at me. Until I read this!!!! It is so brilliant and weirdly, last night (whilst reading Caitlin Morans's book) had the exact same epiphany!
    Love. It.
    Love Han

  2. Hi han,
    thank you, i love Caitlin Moran too and although it's a work in progress i'm continuing the non hate campaign on my body and wierdly enough my days are getting a little better ; ) ...i'm now off to check out your blog x

  3. brilliant post!!! Those could SO be my boobs!!

  4. I've been neglecting my blog because of work pressures but wanted to say that this is a great post and I hope my daughter grows up with a positive attitude like yours.

    The thing is - if we all felt accepting and secure in our bodies - the diet and plastic surgery industry and those celeb magazines would go bust. They have a vested interest in keeping us feeling unhappy and 'not good enough'.

    And I've nothing against the plastic surgery industry - done properly it can be life enhancing but as Kathy Lette said, 'Suffragette Emily Davison didn't throw herself under a horse so we could have the right to slice open our chests and fill them with whoopee cushions.'

  5. Wow your body looks like a models body I love London Andrews-- Keep up the good work


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