Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The best kept hair secret EVER!

I have never been blessed in the hair department; from as far back as I can remember I have have been cursed with limp, lifeless, lacklustre fine hair.  My friends at school called me "three strands" (Biatches)  because i had such fine hair you could see my scalp!  Admittedly my compulsion to pull my own hair out hasn't helped and until a few years ago I had a permanent bald patch on my crown....I have issues sure...but that's stating the obvious.

Don't worry this is not my hair, although it did look rather similar at the time.

Anyway back to my poker straight lifeless locks. Yes people my hair, along with my Louis vuitton sized eye bags, have been the bane of my life.  It has never held a curl fact.  My school leaving do  - curls died, friends daughters christening - frizz bomb, my wedding - complete and utter disaster, so much so I cannot bare to look at a single wedding picture and If Mr Bold would let me I'd have burned the bloody photo album by now.

Sure it's not been all bad.  Back in the 90's straight was IN people and whilst I may have not had volume i have never needed a pair of straighteners in my life.  But then came the Noughties and with them the Kardashians and Holly willoughby; their gorgeous, glossy, bouncy locks have been just too much for my poor hair  to bare and so my weeping locks have been bitterly residing in the humble ponytail for far too long ....until now that is!

who new pinterest could change your life?

I was Busy pinning away one night, as you do, when I spotted a pin claiming to curl ANY hair type with only the humble hair band?  I had to check it out and low and behold it looked actually doable.( I am sooo low maintenance I don't even own nail polish remover, If I can do It ANYONE can).

here is the video the pin linked to......

So i gave it a whirl, nothing ventured nothing gained right? It took literally five minutes to loop my hair through the hairband and so I went to bed and hoped for the best. I woke in the morning and here are the results....................

* Please excuse the embarrassing posing, I apologise in advance for being a complete tit*

And the curls lasted ALL day I was amazed!

So what are you waiting for go try this out for yourself I'm telling you its the best kept secret Ever!

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