Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cheap crafts - Pretend Pizza

Struggling to keep the kids entertained in the rain? Why not get creative and play pizza parlour, making your very own cardboard pizza.  The girls loved this craft but be warned it can get a little messy, luckily for me I'm not  a clean freak.

We had a few large cardboard boxes discarded around the house that I had been saving for a rainy day and we just raided the cupboards and craft box for anything we could use that resembled toppings. Pink straws were snipped to become ham strips, black paper cut in circles for olives, orange tissue paper stripped for grated cheese, yellow string for more cheese, red and green shiny paper used as peppers and red felt for peperoni!

The girls enjoyed being inventive and getting messy and then spent the rest of the day playing cafe with their creations  - success! Now what to do for the remainder of the summer holidays that is just as budget friendly?

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  1. What an extremely simple yet fun idea. Am writing this one down!


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