Sunday, 6 December 2009

Santa Clause is coming to town......

Guess who we've been to visit today? Yes the main man himself Father Christmas and all the girls got to tell him exactly what they'd like for Christmas and pose for a picture with him. Well all the girls except Belle, she got a little upset and refused to even look at him, yet she still accepted her selection box. I suppose three out of four ain't bad and i was pleasantly surprised at how authentic Santa looked, no whiffs of whisky or pee emitting from his costume and he was exceptionally child friendly which was quite a shocker considering every other Father Christmas I've encountered made it blatantly obvious they couldn't stand little nippers.

Here's my big girl Mia, she asked for a "tea set"

And my ickle Sofia who asked for " a dolls house"

Lastly Eva the Diva who wasn't at all fazed by Santa but she didn't manage to put a request in, maybe next year....


  1. Aww, cute pic! Aren't they lovely? Hope their wishes come true :o) FP is only scared of santa so far, having had a dodgy encounter in the Post Office...

  2. Shit you just made me realise we never went to see Sinterklaas this year. Ah well, too late now.

  3. Chic Mama - Thank you x

    Really Rachel - Oh my big two were horrifed at Bents Garden Centre two years ago, they've recovered now though so maybe next year FP won't be so scared :)

    Mwa -What is SinterKlaas?? x

  4. Really cute, and the girls look sweet in their pink. Nice the older two asked for such ungrasping presents too, you must have been proud! We saw the big FC recently, wearing slightly bizarre blue-tinted sunglasses. He was at a school fair, and apparently, the sunnies were to stop his daughters recognising him. I explained to the boys that he was suffering from 'snow blindness', which cleared things up not one bit!

  5. A tea set? She truly is a big girl. I am still not grown up enough to ask for a tea set, hehe.
    You might want to have a look at the date settings on your camera. I was mildly confused, to say the least... :)

  6. Who is Sinterklaas ... not what! He comes up the Amstel River in early December and on December 5th he gives out treats, aided by his helpers, the Black Peters. If you're a bit politically correct, it can give you a momentary qualm since they look rather like Gollies. Tot ziens!
    Mad x

  7. Aw, gorgeous! And what lovely traditional toys they asked for, not a DS in sight!

    PS I love Bents at Christmas - I could spend a fortune there!


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