Thursday, 31 December 2009

So long 2009...I'll be glad to see the back of you!

Hi all! I hope you've all had a very merry Christmas with lots of turkey and mulled wine. After not getting off to the best of starts this crimbo (Mr Bold awoke on Christmas Eve with septic tonsillitis...again)2009 has ended up becoming the best Christmas I've ever had. Due to the very bad timing of Mr Bolds illness Christmas dinner in the Bold house had to be cancelled...i couldn't very well cook a whole turkey for myself now could I?

It all worked out for the best, my mum and dad took pity on us and invited all six of us over for dinner along with my Nana and my brother and we had a fantastic meal, PLUS i didn't have the stress of mountains of dirty dishes......PERFECT.

Another bonus this Christmas was the quality of the presents i received, i know Christmas is all about the giving not receiving and i don't expect anything too extravagant at all really but it's so nice to not just get primark slippers and a smelly set for once. Since the arrival of my girls, obviously all our energy and money is spent on them and Mr Bold and I are lucky if we manage to purchase a card for one another but this year we put in a little more effort and a few more pennies.

The result was a fabulous faux fur M&S coat which i LOVE, a beautiful watch, Marc Jacobs perfume, luxury chocolates and that was just from Mr Bold. God only knows what's come over my mum and Super Frugal dad but not only was all the girls spoilt rotten with baby Annabel everything, dolls, little people airports, garages....i could go on forever, Me and Mr Bold got some top presents too including my favourite Sanctuary toiletries and a lovely jumper.

However, by far the best present i received this year was these super sexy adult all-in-one PJ's from my little sister.....

And here is a pic of me and my brother perfecting our posing skills, i think we may have had just a little too much to drink. I'm sporting my new faux fur coat isn't it Lush?

Well here's to a Happy New Year everyone, i hope you all have a ball and that 2010 is the best year yet!


  1. love, love LOVE that coat. I want!!!
    Happy New Year my darling x

  2. I bet Mr Bold won't be able to keep his mitt of you wearing that! Happy New Year! xx

  3. Selina - It's fab isn't it? Not sure i'll get much wear out of it as i'd get quite a few funny looks if i wore it on the school run but it's perfect for a rare night out. Happy New Year to you too hun x x x xx

    VBH - If your refering to the all in one then yeah - he loves it lol ;0 x x x x x x

  4. Hooray for nice presents ( I had some unexpectedly good ones too)...and happy new year!

  5. Fabulous coat! Glad it all worked out. Hope you have a great New Year and all the best for 2010! WM x

  6. HM - Ohh what did you get? Happy New year to you too :)

    WM - Thanks I think so too! All the best to you aswell here's to 2010 x

  7. Oh that onsie is hilarious!!! SEXY LOL! love the colour of your coat, glad your Christmas turned out for the best. happy new year xo

  8. Loven the PJ's!!! FUN and COMFY!!
    And about that jacket!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!and so fun...honestly, you should just wear it all the time...who cares about the is fun!!!
    i have had a bad habit of "saving" my funky clothing pieces...saving them for what?? I could not tell I just where what I want when I want and feel good about is too short and hey you ARE the Wife of BOLD...BOLD being the opprotive word!
    Besides you look cute as abutton in ti!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR from Canada

  9. This is inspiring - no more 'don't get anything for me, love' type of martyrdom. It's going to be heavy hints all round next year. A coat, a watch and perfume are exactly what I wanted!!
    All the best for 2010.


  10. The all in one pj's are just the job for these minus freezing conditions - could have done with them whilst sledging this morning!!

  11. Widge - It's my fave colour too, he did well to actually buy me soemthing i want to wear for a change ha!

    Cat - Ah thanks and thank you for stopping by! Your right i have outfits i haven't even wore which i'm saving for something "special"...only i never go anywhere special, think i'll have to take your advice from now on x x

  12. Manic mum - Glad to be an inspiration and don't be too subtle with those hints, if you don't ask you dont get :) x

    Diney - Oh Sledging, i promised my girls we would do that but we haven't got a sledge :( x

  13. The coat is fabulous! So are the jammies!

  14. LOVE the PJ's!! Happy to hear you got spoilt too this Christmas. x MM

  15. I must confess I have been wondering who buys those adult sleepsuits. And NOW I KNOW!

  16. I must confess I have been wondering who buys those adult sleepsuits. And NOW I KNOW!

  17. Cross the pond - Thank you and thanks for visiting too x

    Met mum - Happy 2010 to you too and i hope you got just as spoilt :) x

    Iota - Hey don't knock it till you've tried it :) x


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