Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympic Party!

Well week two of the summer holidays is nearly done and dusted and what better way to celebrate than with an Olympic Party.  I decided to host a mini party with only seven attendees as my stress levels are through the roof already;I've upped my daily wine intake to two bottles and I just hope that with each progressing week I wont need to add to my self medication dosage. Imagine, by week six I could be needing six whole bottles a day!

After plying the kids with excessive amounts of sugary treats we started things off with some track and field events. We assigned each child to a specific country, trying to explain that not everyone could be on team GB proved rather trying but we got there in the end. However as hard as we tried we couldn't get any takers for Kazakhstan. The girls didn't quite master the art of Javelin, I suppose the gale force winds didn't help, they didn't fare much better with discus (AKA Frisbee) either.

Any half decent Olympic Party just wouldn't be worth its salt if it did not include the obligatory egg and spoon race.

This was by far the most popular track event...hmm wonder why?

Of course there was inevitably a few eggy casualties .........

Next up was some face painting and tattoos followed by some  party food to keep our mini Olympians fuelled up.

I was majorly impressed with my face painting skills for a first attempt


To finish things off we held some indoor party games.

Dancing competition

Olympic corners

Olympic musical bumps

and the finale....

Belly burst ( using a balloon and separating the kids into pairs, the first team to burst their balloon using only their belly's and NO hands wins)

The girls loved their Olympic party and by far the best event was Belly burst

The Belly Burst Gold Medallists

We finished the party by presenting all our participants with their very own gold medal!


  1. Looks like great fun! And the weather was nice too!

  2. Surprisingly It stayed dry all day yay - it was great fun and the best part was hardly no mess to clean up as it was all outside! Bonus! xx


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