Monday, 21 September 2009

Go the Mass has ended.......

Guess what i spent my Sunday morning doing? you'll never guess? oh alright i suppose the title is a bit of a giveaway, yes i attended Church. I have been meaning to attend our local R.C Church once a month for the best part of three years however life keeps getting in the way and well I'd much rather lounge around in my Pj's and read the Sunday paper....I'm going to hell aren't I?

I have never been particularly religious or a devout Catholic but i have been Baptised, confirmed and attended Catholic schools all my life, so i have the guilt instilled into me and i like some of the old fashioned values too. My life has been lacking a little direction of late as have the kids who's attitude and manners are preposterous at the moment, so i thought now was as good a time as any to seek solace in the Church (it's so much cheaper than therapy) and will put the fear of god in the kids, morals and discipline never hurt anyone right?

I was pleasantly surprised at the turn out and the pews were not just filled with pensioners as i had assumed, no there were lots of families just like mine and lots of kids too, even babies. So i sheepishly asked how i go about getting the girls into Sunday school and was told by a very stern elder that "It's liturgy not Sunday school and Father John will announce it once the mass has begun" oops!!!! I was not making the best first impression ever, but i have to say everyone else was lovely and friendly.

The problem was that i have taken the kids to a local Sunday school sporadically that is protestant and lets just say much more child friendly. I don't know what i was expecting from "liturgy" but it didn't live up to the kids expectations, Mia moaned that "It's not as fun as the village church where we played and sang last time, it's boring". Unfortunately i have to agree with her, it was dismally boring and crammed, not geared to inspire the children to want to keep attending, the lady was enthusiastic and up beat but it was lacking the fun factor and instead of lasting nearly the whole of the mass it was only 15 minutes long, so i was left to sit with two fidgety kids for 50 minutes asking every two minutes "can we go now mummy?"

Mia is not enthused and refuses to attended again next week even with the promise of malteasers after, Fi is willing to give it another go mainly due to the Malteasers. I don't want to have to attend the local village church as Mia is a pupil at the catholic school attached to the church which we were at on Sunday but i don't hold out much hope for our Sunday ritual of family Mass if the Church doesn't up it's game surely a little thinking out side the box is aloud if it means more bums on seats?


  1. You can't be a very scary mum. We had to sit still for an hour every week, no Sunday school or liturgy involved. You realise Catholics are cruel to children that way? I never go myself now :-) and I agree when my son says mass is boring (he goes with his Catholic school). ;-)

  2. Mmm. Think I'd be inclinded to keep the pj's on in future ....!!

    CJ xx

  3. Is there another Catholic church you could try? I do think it's a shame if kids experience religion as something other than life-giving and fun.

    Is it SO bad if you go to the village church, even though they go to the Catholic school? I'm guessing it probably is... Oh, how about this for an idea? Carry on going to the village church sporadically, and go to the Catholic church sporadically too. If it bothers anyone, say that Mr Bold is C of E, so that you want to bring the kids up exposed to both denominations. And, if pushed, you can say that you are doing your bit as a family to work towards Christian unity, which given the history of the church and all the wars it has caused, is a noble aim.

  4. Mwa - Haha. I know i'm not in the least bit scary that's why i was hoping the god squad could help me out but i think it's a little too stiff upper lip for the kids really!

    Crystal Jigsaw - yup it wins hands down, such a shame but what's a mum to do.

    Iota - Cunning i like your way of thinking, although i fear if i take the kids back to our church after the Village one then they'll just moan forever about prefering the Village Church and possible embarrass the hell out of me in the process.

    Church really should be that much of a chore should it? It's such a shame but i think it all needs radicalising before my kids will give it the time of day!

  5. Toddlergirl and I go to mass together (goodness knows how I'll cope with 2 - eek) and I've found various semi religious books (bible stories, there are some lift the flaps ones) invaluable. Our liturgy isn't great (and I prefer the earlier mass because its quicker...)

    If the protestant one is better why not go to that ? Surely better to attend something than nothing ?

  6. I don't see a problem with attending the local Protestant Catholic Mass. Going locally supports your local community and gives your children a chance to enjoy church before they get so bored with it you will just give up going. You can maybe do the Saturday evening Roman Catholic Mass occassionally to stay communicant until they need to do the Communion Classes and then go back to the RC. Until they understand the Chasm in Catholic Churches, I think it is more important to keep children engaged and enjoying Jesus and his importance in life. Bore them now you'll struggle to bring them back to faith. Alternatively get involved in the "more boring" Sunday school and see if you can help to make it better/longer!

  7. I have found this post really interesting. I'm in a similar position to you - baptised, attended Catholic schools etc. My parents are both strict, practising Cathlics and my daughter goes to a Catholic primary school because it's the best in the area. I've just returned this evening from a meeting about her making her First Communion, which was sort-of compulsory. I do like the community spirit, but, in a similar vein to your post, my 6 year old finds Mass dull and gets bored. I think the church does need to adapt and become more up-to-date, but that's not just the way mass is held, that's across the board. Unlikely though for such an old, traditional institution.

  8. I have never been to a catholic service, so all I can say is that you have to do what you think is right for your family! Keep us posted!

  9. Go wherever your heart truly leads you. Where you feel comfortable and where you feel spiritually nourished. If that is not the Catholic Church then go there once every few weeks to assuage any guilt. The children really should enjoy themselves otherwise they may never have faith or belief on the basis that Sunday mornings were boring. It's a hard one but stick with it. The Church is a great place when you are sad and confused and I've just been catching up with your blogs and see that you were a bit low a while back. It's also a great place to go when you are feeling good so that you reach out to others. Don't give up on it yet x

  10. Kelloggsville - It looks like it's the village Church or nothing really as i can't force the girls to go if they don't want too, will give it another try though

    Rosie- Thank God it 's not just me, your right though it's hardly going to change centuries of traditions any time soon, such a shame!

  11. Sarah - thanks for popping by and i'll be sure to keep you posted :)

    Selina - your right and i'm not going to give up just yet, thanks for your comment it means alot x

  12. I was brought up Catholic - seven kids all marched off to Mass every Sunday. How they got us to sit still I have no idea. I vowed I'd never put my kids through it but something strange happens when you give birth and I found I was strangely compelled to seek out the local Caths. We now go regularly and what is special is the feeling of being part of a community, seeing the same faces every week, I even like singing the hymns. Maybe I just wanted to give my children something to rebel against in later years. God knows, at least I think he does...

  13. This is probably blasphemy but at the end of mass when the priest says "Mass has ended, go in peace" and the response is "Thanks be to God" I always supress a giggle as it sounds as if everyone was bored rigid during mass.

    I used to take Ben when he was a baby, but gave up trying when got older. I can't fit in Mass and cooking a Sunday lunch, so given the choice protestant / not very religious husband chose eternal damnation and a roast a week. I wish there was a way to go to Mass as I miss feeling uplifted during communion and the sense of belonging that you get from Mass. I'd love the boys to have that same feeling as well.


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