Monday, 21 September 2009

the wife of Bath

Hot Baths are my favorite thing in the whole world, that and chocolate! Combined i am in heaven and i like nothing better than a red hot steaming bath full of bubbles and sitting in it for hours topping it up with more warm water and reading a good book or just thinking.

Unfortunately this little luxury is a rare occurrence, my house is filled with little people who although are in bed at the time I'm running my bath have the habit of waking up once i put the first drop of bubble bath in and refuse to get back in bed and go to sleep. These days i have to make do with a a quick two minute shower in between dressing my girls and changing mountains of nappies. So imagine how chuffed i was to be sent the latest short Story by Kathy Lette written for the Radox "Be-selfish" campaign, it's completely water proof and is dedicated to ‘all stressed women everywhere’ and encourages women to be selfish and enjoy some “me” time!

All Steamed Up is a comedic take on all those Vesuvial moments in a woman’s life, from pregnancy to the agonies of childbirth, the mind numbing tedium of looking after small children and the chaos of trying to juggle kids and career without dropping anything - to the indifference of busy husbands and finally the ironical heartache of empty nest syndrome. The story finds Katie Love escaping into a bubble bath and talking to the tap as the only way to stay afloat.

So if you want to find out more and bag yourself a copy of the novella click here

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  1. Oh two of my favourite things in the whole world.
    And then throw in a waterproof book....couldn't get much better then that.


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