Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Is Anybody out there?

First of all i would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all those 16 wonderful people who have left such lovely, touching comments on my last post, each and every one has meant so much to me and i really appreciate it. Unfortunately i have just spent the best part of an hour trying and failing to share some bloggy love, i have read every one of your recent posts hoping to leave a comment only for blogger to F*$$ up on me completely. I can't even leave a comment on my own post!!! So i hope you are all reading this "Thank you" and i will be returning the favour once blogger gets it's act together.

So back to my post, i was just about to tell you i spent last night board out of my brains attending an audience with "Lisa Williams" (Famous Psychic) in Blackpool. She wasn't up to much but then again I'm only saying this because i never got a reading, no "Spirits" came through for me and my hubby. Before you all start thinking I'm some loony who loves nothing more than trying to communicate with the dead in my spare time, I'd just like to say it was Mr Bold who purchased the tickets. He has been struggling since the loss of his mum 10 months ago and finds comfort in the thought of the afterlife, something which i do believe exists although i have no desire to ever actually come face to face with a ghost/spirit etc...oh my god just the thought makes me want to hide under my duvet, I'm a major wuss when it comes to anything like this. Anyway his faith has been a little shaken by last night and although i feel extremely sad for him (he desperately wants to believe in all this) i am secretly a little pleased we may not have to sit through back to back episodes of John Edwards every bleeding night!

I have been to see a medium twice now once about a year ago and again a few months back after my mother-in-laws death, and both times the lady has been spookingly accurate. I can't deny there must be something out there but at the same time i fear there are lots of charlatans taking advantage of very vulnerable people, which i find sick yet hardly surprising, it's the same in every walk of life form doctors to accountants! What about you, do you believe in the afterlife?

Well I'm off to bed now as it's very late and my back is aching from all the ironing i have been doing all night long, one more sleep to go and I'll be off to Spain for a few days holiday. I'm getting excited now, i have had my hair chopped off into a neat bob and I've even applied Fake tan.....this time tomorrow I'll be sinking a few sangria yippee! Bye for now and I'll see you all next week :)


  1. Yip I believe in an afterlife for sure! I don't believe in visiting mediums though.the only spiritual experience I want is with God and his Holy spirit, not too keen on connecting with some of those dodgey ones out there that those people can drag up. Some of those people do in fact have a super natural gift but unfortunately they are not using it for the purpose that God has given it too them.Any time that we hear from the spiritual realm should be encouraging not scary.

  2. Hope you manage to knock the technology into shape soon (my email is currently up the spout so if you could have a word with that at the same time I'd appreciate it !)

  3. Sometimes your blog blows up just when I browse and sometimes when I try to post a comment. It did it when I tried to comment on your last post and I'm afraid, going through a feeble time at the moment, I gave up. It blew up today when I tried to log on to post this comment. But I haven't quit this time.

    You have a very big challenge at the moment. Most of us would be finding it hard to stay afloat with your four lovely but very little girls. My two are 23 months apart and I know that my son's first year was just a blur. You do still have the right to be you. Not just someone's daughter, someone's wife and someone's mother. So a blog hug for you.

    As for the spiritualism stuff. Some people look for comfort where they need it. Strikes me that Mr Bold is caught between needing to be the big strong husband type and needing his mum. Personally, I think that the whole psychic reading is nonsense. But don't listen to me; I talk to a dead spaniel.

    Mad x

  4. Eck!

    I'm a bit behind at the moment, so doing my best to catch up. Think you can probably identify as well from your last post, so hey, you know where I am xx

    And P.S. As I seem to visit the same area as you quite a lot get in touch and we can do drinkies, coffee, pretend cinema visits ;-)

  5. It's all part of being well-rounded I think, willing to view the options and be true to your own beliefs.

    I believe there has to be something bigger than us, even if it is just our collective energies.

    Keep fighting to be you.

  6. I think you will find a safer way to connect with the after life at your local church. I think messing around with the wrong spirits is a dangerous game and the best way is though the Holy Spirit. I found a great sense of peace when I finally gave up fighting it off as not something I did and took this route. And if the first church doesn't work for y'all then try another, they are not all the same. Good luck for Mr Bold in finding peace and closure which ever way you find works for you, how difficult it must be for him. X

  7. Have a lovely holiday! Nothing like a well deserved break for a mummy who clearly works very hard!!

  8. I think the blogoshere is brilliant for finding support when you need it, and you received some great comments on your last post.
    A friend of mine when to a medium and found it really helpful. It would scare the living daylights out of me. I say go for it if it's your sort of thing though, definitely.

  9. enjoy your hols hun xxxx award for you at mine xxx

  10. I'm afraid I rather think we all end up as worm fodder. But then again, as a gardener, I feel we owe them...

  11. Hope you've had a great break, award for you at mine. Apologies, but it involves chickens.

    I'm a believer in "take comfort wherever you can" and if you have faith in something, and it comforts you, then fair play, really.


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