Tuesday, 29 September 2009

In which i soil myself!

What a week from HELL i have had! Earlier last week Sofia caught a tummy bug which has lasted intermittently for nearly two weeks now, with several spewing incidents requiring freshly laundered bedding on numerous occasions and lots of dettol. If that wasn't bad enough the twins caught a similar bug which has resulted in explosive nappies of epic proportions and a stench which is just well... wrong.

Now what's worse than three sick kids to look after? I'll tell you what, having to look after said sick kids whilst being at death's door yourself. Yes i caught the tummy bug, which i later found out was suspected Swine flu, my mum and dad have been struck down last week after catching it from my brother and it looks like me and my brood have picked it up too. I haven't felt this ill in a long time and although i didn't suffer from any vomiting lets just say i got caught short a few times when trying to release a little wind form my aching stomach, sorry if that's too much information for you all but shit happens, literally!

Anyway, it appears that i am now over the worst of it and my wonderful mummy came to the rescue yesterday reliving me of the terrible twins till 7pm and Mr Bold took care of the big girls all day leaving me to my sick bed thank god. I really thought that i was on my way out on Sunday, i turned grey and couldn't even muster the energy to sip some water. My bad news doesn't end there though, it seems Mr Bold has now taken a turn for the worse and so our lovely trip to Alton Towers which i won courtesy of the brilliant Laura Driver over at Are we nearly there yet mummy? will have to be cancelled!!!! I have no Luck, this is the second time now i have had to cancel, the first was due to babysitters letting us down and now we're all ill!

There is light at the end of the tunnel however, at least I'll be well enough to attend the British Mummy Bloggers Manchester Meet Up at the MOSI on Sunday, I'm really looking forward to putting some faces to the names and meeting you all in person. Well I'm off to grab a shower as i stink, i haven't had one since THURSDAY...EWW!


  1. No shower combined with those accidents? Ewww. ;-)

    Glad you're all better.

  2. Oh you poor thing. That really does sound...well, shit I guess.

    Glad you are better. And enjoy your blogging meet up!

  3. Oh you poor, poor thing. Yep, only thing worse than looking after ill children is being ill whilst doing it. Get your Mummy back and try to take it easy!! Hope you get better in time for the weekend meet up. Can't wait to hear all about it x

  4. Yikes! Poor you, brings back memories of the time my hubby had a stomach bug followed by an allergic reaction to Immodium. A whole houseful suffering it must be grim. Hope you are well enough for the meetup at MOSI on sunday, looking forward to seeing you there!

  5. Sounds awful, I hope you all feel better soon! What a pain having to miss the trip you'd won.

  6. Get well soon. Glad you've got a nice bloggers event to look forward to.

  7. Hope you're all better for Sunday.


  8. You know that's far too much information, right?? I feel vaguely sick now and can't face my coco pops for breakfast!! Still, hope you're feeling better and enjoy Sunday x

  9. oh no... have to tell you that the word verification thingy for my last comment was ....SQUITIVU !!! How apt !

  10. I hope you're germ-free for Sunday. Looking forward to meeting you.
    In the meantime, I've tagged you with the Gift of Life:

  11. Yuck! Remember the black (well sort of orange) October of a few years back when we caught a sticky bug. I feel for you and your washing machine. Rest and relax as much as you can and I hope you are fully recovered for sunday.


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