Thursday, 19 November 2009

Bills, Bills, Bills

I've had one hell of a morning and have spent the best part of three hours in floods of tears over an astronomical electricity bill that floated through my letterbox this morning. Scottish Power have kindly sent a YEARLY estimate to the tune of £1,987.76!!!

Yes that's right in the thousands, are they shitting me? I know i have four kids and a washing machine that's constantly doing a cycle but surely they cannot be serious? Well after several conversations with a clueless and unhelpful customer service representative (oh the irony) and getting nowhere I've left it in the capable hands of Mr Bold.

My stomach's in knots and it's completely ruined my day, I'm now wondering how to reduce the amount of electricity we use (no more tumble dryer sob)as well as all our other outgoings and am putting my frugal hat on trying to come up with ideas how to save some pennies. Whilst googling "how to feed a family for £30 a week"(we average £120 at the moment including nappies etc) i stumbled across this picture

The Ayme family of Tingo Ecuador survive on £31.55 between 9 of them a week. The photograph was taken as part of an article about what the world eats which can be found Here. Look at their lovely faces. I now feel slightly embarrassed and unappreciative, I'm busy worrying about an electric bill when this family doesn't even have an electric supply. It's a very sobering sight and has helped put my troubles in to perspective, i just need to learn how to be content with my lot and not to sweat the small stuff.


  1. Blooming Heck on the bill. We pay monthly and it is still a killer. I would struggle without the dryer in the winter, but do make sure I hang out on good days. Other tips:

    Hang up a curtain at the door, use draft excluders

    Food wise. I can make approx £60 cover a week, including nappies and cleaning stuff. it really pays to keep to a menu plan and stick too it.

  2. God that's horrendous. Presumably it can't be right though - even with the tumble dryer, etc. etc.? Good way to put it all into perspective though.

  3. If they were hooked up to a power supply, their bill would probably be the same.

    I have a stack of bills in too......petrol and food has rocketed, leccy and gas competing with the are not alone in your sobbing.

    love RMxx

  4. Yes, but that is a huge bill, not surprised it gave you a jolt akin to being zapped with a few kilowatts of electrity! Hope Mr Bold sorts it, hope you don't have to completely abandon the tumble drier, and hope I remember to remember the Ecuadorian family the next time I have a meltdown about digital switchover meltdown or internet explorer having a hissy fit. Not as serious as huge bill, but they're the kind of things that get me disproportionately wound up!

  5. Change your electricity provider for a start. If you do it using you get some cash for doing it too.

    We were with scottish power and they sent us a huge estimate too, although not as high as yours.

  6. Dear goodness but that is some bill - hope that the power company sort it out quickly

  7. i know its stupid but when your a child bills are not a part of life and ignorance is bliss, no on told me life is so hard and robbing peter to pay paul sucks. we NEVER have any money left and i always wonder what would life be like if i didnt have kids at 19 and waited till 35 like my sister - who has never had to worry about money. but i did and i would rather have kids young and hopefully spend more of my life with them and still be young enough to have my life back when they grow up,

    and as for the tumble dryer you have 4 kids what else are supposed to do?

  8. Oh my to the bill! I'd be the same, hope it gets sorted for you. I'm very energy conscious but hubby isn't. Have to keep him in check! We're about £10 a week on elec and at the mo £20 on gas. Everything is just going up in price at the mo, what can you do!

  9. Thanks for the lovely comments guys, i'm still feeling a little down about it all but i'm going to follow Dan's advice and sop around for a different provider x

  10. I had a terrible bill last year for electricity. I hope you get it sorted out, such a worry. Maybe it's wrong?

  11. That can't be right. Have you gone through last year's bills and looked at your consumption? I know they make it very difficult to understand bills nowadays, but get an estimate of your consumption and try some other providers.

    I am with Scottish Power and they have steadily reduced our bills as we have gone through the house doing things like insulation, A rated appliances, never leaving things on standby, low energy light bulbs, etc. The small things do add up.

    Oh, and there are two A energy rated tumble driers out there, we got the White Knight one (the Bosch one was phenominally expensive), saves a lot of electricity. (see the Energy Saving Trusts website for details of appliances and tips)

    And good luck!


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