Thursday, 12 November 2009

Feeling like the worlds worst mum....AGAIN!

You know this past couple of weeks I've been so preoccupied with birthdays, parties, christenings, half term, vomiting kids, parties and more birthday's that I've sort of taken my eye of the ball in respect of my mothering duties. The house is in serious disarray, piles of ironing are strewn all over the house in every single room and i haven't cooked a proper "made-from-scratch" meal in ages. Not only that but the kids have been skipping their daily baths, not brushing their teeth at night and Sofia's fingernails look like they're growing mushrooms underneath them...OK so i exaggerated about the last one but still, I'm a bad mum!

Not only is their personal hygiene on a down ward spiral but i haven't been consistent with their bedtime stories and worse I've turned a blind eye to Mia's homework, she's now two weeks behind schedule and has misplaced her reading book!!!

Today my parental skills (or lack off) have come in for serious questioning when i arrived at school to collect Mia, to my horror i realised I'd completely missed Mia's parents evening the night before. One of the parents asked me how it went and it suddenly dawned on me......holy shit...I didn't show up!! The mums horrified expression did little to quell my shame and i set off to apologise to Mia's teacher with my tail between my legs. The teacher couldn't have made me feel any smaller when she informed me (rather to gleefully i might add) that Mia had become very upset this afternoon during story time when she realised her mummy and daddy had missed the parents evening and didn't get to see her work. I was informed to inquire about making another appointment on Monday and she might be able to fit me in for 5mins after school one evening.

Mia carried on the torture all the way home and really milked it with lines like "But mummy you didn't see all my very hard work" and "why has every one else's mums and dads been to parents evening but not mine?"

I 'm off now to compile an action plan, i think i need to concert all my energies into the kids and pick up my game, i suppose " you only get out what you put in."


  1. Don't beat yourself up about it. She's only small, she'll soon forget. My daughters aged 8 &10 didn't even give me their letters about Parent Teacher meetings (it's not cool to have mum too interested when they get a little bit older)

  2. Oh, heavens! This is exactly where I am at the moment! Hopefully, things will get better!

  3. Don't beat yourself....I know exactly how you feel.
    It gets like that have four very young children.
    I can't even begin to tell you all the things I've 'forgotten' over the last year. If I thought about them I'd be on the floor. I've had to accept that I just can't do EVERYTHING.
    I use a lot of post it notes.
    Take care. x

  4. The Pineapple tart - Thanks, i wish Mia was at your daughters stage right now, although i have a feeling when that time comes i'll be a little sad x

    Gaelikaa - They've got to surely, i'm going to try and up my game! Good luck your end although i doubt you are anywhere near as bad but thanks for making me feel better x

    Chic Mama - Your right, i just wish i was a little more organised. Maybe i should invest in some post it notes then :)

  5. Ah bless both of you.

    I'm sure you are judging yourself too harshly...

  6. Hey - I had that Holy Shit moment last Friday when I realised I not taken my daughter to her dentist appointment the day before - NHS status flushed down the pan :0( I have also had calls from school before asking why no one has turned up to collect her and that 'OMG - I haven't arranged childcare moment' hit me very very hard.

    Please don't worry to much - if life was perfect they wouldn't learn how to handle difficulties and disappointments. Just make a big deal out of it for her when you do go in. And ignore the teachers jibes/looks/anything - I'm convinced they all attend "how to look down on parents" seminars and they've seen it all before!!!!!!

    Now, all together : "concentrate, check calendar, focus...." hahahaha

  7. You might need therapy after this. Ok I'm just kidding. Things happen, life goes on. I'm sure there will be more.

  8. I forget things all the time. It is just not humanly possible to remember everything!

    You are not a computer are you?

    PS My kids stink too. Especially the boys. Right old wiffers they are. I have to bribe them to have a shower!

    Chin up sweetie - your a fab mum.


  9. Don't worry about it. You're a very busy Mum and you'll get to see all Mia's hard work. Its hard to keep all plates spinning. I've just been sent a text from my niece telling me thanks for the card but it would have been nice to have some writing in it. I left it completely blank and it was her 21st!!

  10. I help out in my daughter's classroom once a week. Last Thursday, I forgot to go. Just forgot. I have no other small children at home - she's the youngest - so I have NO excuse.

    Does that make you feel better?

  11. Sounds suspiciously like the teacher pointed it out to Mia that you missed parents evening? Even if that didn't happen, it's not a nice way to talk to you when you clearly have your hands very full. Good luck with getting organised again! I hate doing it because it makes me feel old but I write lists and that really helps me. By nature I'm very disorganised. Don't feel bad about what's happened, you're doing your best!

  12. Yes, you only get out what you put in and actually you've put in a hell of a lot. Of course, something is going to give. Be a bit kinder to yourself, honey. You're a fab mum doing everything you can to keep on top of what is a dificult time of year. So you missed a parents evening and of course Mia was upset but you've got a slot now (with what seems a very snotty teacher who's a bit too full of herself) and what about all the things you have achieved. As for the ironing ...hide it!!!
    You're amazing - don't forget that! Hold your head high, girl xx

  13. I think it's sometimes a good learning experience when children realise their parents are only human and therefore forget things. My children have long since learned to forgive me for such things. We even have a contingency plan in case I forget to pick my son up from school. (Has never happened, but I've come very close.)

    As for the personal hygiene, I was told by a pediatrician that daily baths are completely unnecessary for kids, and that's the story I'm sticking :-) to.


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