Friday, 6 November 2009

Flower power

My husband is quite the go getter, not one to rest on his laurels, if he wants something he goes straight after it and he never gives up. His determination and ambition are the qualities i admire most in him and the reason i found him so appealing in the first place. On the other hand I'm the sort of person that tends to go with the flow and i like to procrastinate...A LOT, well they do say opposites attract.

Anyway I'm telling you this because a few months back, i happened to make a flippant comment about how nice it would be to open a florists, something i could direct all my unused creative energy into. Fast forward three months and my husband has just informed me he has secured a lease on a shop that is perfect for my florist idea and we will be opening mid January!!!

"Whooo.. rewind a minute" i say, there's a huge difference in thinking about something and actually making it a reality, yes that difference is my husband, he just acts and thinks later, he may get more done but he has way more headaches in the process.

I know your thinking I'm an ungrateful sod and i should be happy my husband is willing to plough his hard earned cash into a venture purely for me but it's rather perplexing to feel like i have no control in the matter, i feel like stomping my feet and screaming" no you won't tell me what to do." Yet i don't want to cut my nose of to spite my face, it's a fantastic opportunity and a venture I'd love to be at the helm of, i just wish he'd consulted me first.

I should also point out i have NO experience in floristry, i can't tell the difference between a Hyacinth and a hydrangea, and to say I'm not business minded is an understatement. But that's OK because he's "going to hire a qualified florist to show me the ropes and work along side me." So that's alright then!


  1. Blimey, that's scary stuff alright.

    Possibly might have been wiser to take a few course first, but now you're there you might as well go for it.

    wife of bold indeed.

  2. Well, lets see. In a little over six months you will be able to tell the difference between lots of flowers and plants and colours of ribbons. You will have a new friend and have learnt a lot of new skills....

  3. Oh my god. One half of me wants to shout 'WTF??!!', and the other half just wants to give you a big hug and cry hysterically 'how cool is that?!' You are going to be fine, absolutely. You became a mum without knowing how to do it before, right? Everything after that can only be a walk in the park.
    Btw, only recently stopped my husband from getting me into a deal with a guy to open a cafe. A cafe is my THEORETICAL dream. Maybe we should work together? Florist with cafe? I like the idea.

  4. Dan - I'm terrified, but nothing ventured nothing gained right? Your right about the courses, i'm off to find if there are any local horticulture courses, may be wise to have a little clue about floristry!

    Pippa - I love your positive spin on things, i think i'll print off your comment for times when i'm strugling and who doesn't want a new friend!

    Met Mum - I suppose when you put it like that it can't be that difficult right? The're just a bunch of flowers lol . Cafe Flowers....i like it a lot, i think we may be onto something!

  5. I say go for it, but work to your timetable not your husband's. Thay way you can feel a little bit more control. If you want to do a course first, tell him you want to delay your grand opening until after that. Good luck! You've got a good one there...

  6. yes, know what you mean! But think! It might be great!

  7. It sounds utterly amazing. I wish my husband would be so proactive. Go for it!

  8. WTF - I dont know what to say, really I dont, how did he not know that you were just dreaming???

    Anyway I hope you make a real go of it, if that is what you want, But Bloody Hell

  9. wow!! now thats a spur of the moment thing!! good luck hun i love flowers and i can do a nice arrangement if you need some help :) i think you'll be fab xxx

  10. And what "unused creative energy" were you referring to? Isn't that why we all start blogs?

    Good luck with it all. I really look forward to hearing about it.

  11. Yes, I can see the problem here. It would be so much if it had been a joint decision which resulted from the two of you sitting down together and discussing the option, rather than him just going off and sorting out a lease. I'd be annoyed if that were me.

  12. I'm your 100th follower!! Yipppee! I feel so honored (lol).

    Congratulations on your florist business and thank God your husband will get you some help. Just remember...a rose is a rose by any other name. How does that phrase go again? LOL

  13. OMG - you're gonna be busy !!!!!

  14. Oh my goodness! That is soooo mega!!

    It sounds like he only did it with great intentions but still ....pretty scary to be faced with a whole new business with no real conversation about it all.

    What a great challenge to rise to though. And deep down it is what you have always wanted to do. So, take a gulp, face the fear and do it ....brilliantly. Good luck, you xx

  15. OMG that is huge! No, you are not ungrateful, I would be mad as hell. To open florits you need training in both floristry and business management, we are in the heart of a recession when luxury items (ie flowers) are suffering and oh, by the way, you have children to arrange care for. Aaaargh! So typical of a man to think he's fixing a problem and not creating several others! Is the lease binding? Can you arrange a brain transplant for your husband? (He he he, just joking about the last one)

    Alternatively, this is an amazing gift from someone who has listened to what you want. Learn from the florist he's organised to work with you and take the bull by the horns, an opportunity for change and growth!

    Looking forward to hearing how it pans out.
    WM x

  16. Oooh toughie.

    I guess life really isn't ever a bd of roses...
    (sorry I'm not making light, just couldn't resist)

  17. Just wanted to pop in and let you know I think your blog is great. I just have to follow you.
    I`ll be back once my little ones settle and put my feet up and have a good read.
    Feel free to stop by and say hi.
    Best wishes, Crazy xx


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