Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A bad Hair week meets Lady Luck!

So if anybody actually reads my very rare Tweets you will know by now that my 3yr old decided to chop of her luscious long golden locks last week whilst i was busy doing the ironing! I was in tears, the four year old was in tears so then the three year old started to blub too....i was devastated. Stupid daddy had left a very large pair of scissors behind the mantel piece after trying to cut his curling disgustingly long toe nails - the dirt bag! He has since been reprimanded and i have now got over the fact Sofia has hair shorter than her dads on the right hand side of her head. I have decided to look on the bright side, she didn't hurt herself thank god and it will, eventually, grow back. She is now left with random one inch tuffs of hair all over her head and i have to put her hair in devils horns (very high bun bunches) to get her looking vaguely normal.

Anyways, the week descended into complete chaos as i had to arrange Mimi's fifth birthday party (her actual birthday is next week but i didn't want all her school friends to forget so we had it a little early) and find some space in the already overcrowded playroom for her new birthday toys. So after a rough ride i am pleased to report my week did in fact get better!

Firstly i have just done my first ever review for the Great Toy Guide, a fabulous new website dedicated to trying out and testing all the latest toys, activities and gadgets for kids form 0-8 yrs old! Please everyone go check it out, it was masterminded by the amazing sally who blogs at Who's the Mummy? so you can be sure you are in for a treat! What are you waiting for go and see for yourself and they are always looking for more honest reviewers too.

Secondly i have received my first ever parcel through the post off the back of this blog from the lovely people at carex - i think they heard about all the poo incidents and wanted to prevent my house from becoming a complete germ infested hole. I have got a few new hand washes, stickers, a great activity pack full of ideas and some travel sized anti bacterial gel -no washing required, which will come in very handy for my..........

Free trip to Alton Towers at the 4* Best Western hotel! Yes Thanks to the fantastic Laura Driver at are we nearly there yet mummy? me and Mr Bold get to take our big girls on a free weekend away! I am soo thrilled as i never win anything, and also we were planning a weekend away at Haven in the next few week but now we don't have too. Caravan or 4*hotel hmmm that's a tough call? I think we'll make do with the hotel now ha.

Finally sorry to anyone who has left a comment on my blog recently, I've been swamped with mummy duties and have neglected my little blog, but i plan to reply to all your comments very soon as they are very much appreciated. I'm off now to clean bums and make a picnic for our day out at Acorn Farm....can't wait, honest!


  1. Told you ironing was evil ;)

    Poor you! I had the same hair cutting incident with my girls a few months back and miss 4's hair is still a mess. she cut herself a micro fringe and one sided layers.

    Hope your holiday is good!

    widge xo

  2. DS2 also has a very short bit of hair at the front left. My lovley hairdresser did try to hide it, but as my boys both have longish curly hair I didnt have the heart to cut it all off - at least it all grows.

    Hope you have a fab time at Alton Towers

  3. Well the only way was up. Hope you have a wonderful time - you deserve it!

  4. Oh dear. I did the same when I was in kindergarten, aged 4. Just a few days before the photographer came to took pictures of us all...
    Congrats on your win! Tough decision not to go camping. Life's hard :-)

  5. Oh no, I can't believe your little one cut her hair! How sad. At least she was okay then.
    Oooh a prize & a holiday. Whoohoo!!

    I know you've already got it but I'VE awarded you the honest scrap award. :0)

  6. Eeek! Scissor nightmare!

    What is wrong with men? My hubby does the same thing, leaves hazardous crap lying around all the time!

    Hope her hair isnt too least it grows back!



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