Sunday, 30 August 2009

the Best Laid schemes...

Thursday saw my very first blogging blind date and I'm pleased to report i needn't have been so nervous, for AMY over at and1moremeansfour was lovely and so friendly,
as was her two oldest little Lady's, they are gorgeous and very charming. The time flew by,i felt so at ease with Amy, it was as if we had known each other forever, I'm certain we'll be the bestest of blogging buddies for a long time to come and we already have plans to meet again at the North west meet up being organised over at British Mummy Bloggers. To find out more about our Mummy blind date and what we got up to click here.

Me and Mr Bold had been planning to take the free mini break to Alton towers that i had won courtesy of Andrex over at Laura Drivers Blog are we nearly there yet mummy? on Friday, it was a two night break at a lovely 4* hotel and a two day pass to Alton Towers for us and our two big girls. Unfortunately our Babysitters let us down TWICE and so we have had to re schedule for October, however not wanting to disappoint our very excited little gals we decided to use the free tickets and head for a day out at Alton Towers instead ensuring the weekend wasn't a total wash out for the kids. We set off bright and early Saturday morning with the obligatory stop off at MacDonald's for a breakfast muffin or three and we then headed straight for the M6. After only three minutes into what looked like the start of a very bad traffic jam i had a light bulb moment, instead of queuing in traffic for a few hours to then queue for fair rides for hours why didn't we just head for our local theme park Camelot and pass it off to the kids as THE Alton Towers?

Being the evil genius that i am it worked like a charm, we took the nearest slip road and arrived at our destination in under twenty minutes with the kids chanting "Alton Towers, Aton Towers YEAH!! Mr Bold fell in love with me all over again when he realised he had avoided bumper to bumper traffic. We had a fabulous time, even the terrible weather could not deter us from having fun as we went on numerous twirling rides, log flumes and the Caterpillar roller coaster. We took shelter from the non stop showers to watch a medieval duel with knights on horse back whilst munching on candy floss and ice cream and Mr Bold finished off by squandering the best part of thirty quid trying in vain to win an over grown stuffed animal, we appeased the kids with a toy from the gift shop on our way out of the park and headed straight for the cinema.

Having saved ourselves a few hours of travelling time we decided to take the kids to watch G-Force, the new animation film out that's about Super spying Gerbils i know it sounds a little insane but it was actually quite funny and I'd definitely recommend it if your stuck for something to do tomorrow as it looks set to be ANOTHER very wet Bank holiday! Mia and Sofia loved their first trip to the cinema and with their eyes stuck to the screen they nibbled their way through lots of popcorn, god help us at the dentist on Tuesday. We finished our day trip with a visit to "Frankie and Benny's", which quite Frankie (ha see what i did there) was abysmal never ever get the Spinach and ricotta cannelloni it was nasty!

I'm off now to wash the dishes and put the kids t bed, just in time for me to watch "Wuthering Heights" on Itv, OH the thought of Andrew Lincoln in breaches mmmmm.......Hope you all have a nice bank holiday.


  1. Love the thought of passing off something else as Alton Towers. Will remember that and use it in future when confronted with rainy bank holiday weather and traffic jams! Sounds like you had a good time anyway. x

  2. Fraught Mummy - I know i'm an evil genius and it worked so well! We had a great time too and no screaming from the kids "are we nearly there yet?" ha x

    Magarita - Thanks hun we had a ball, the best part was watching Mr Bold trun very pale on the air ballon ride :)

  3. I like your style! Thanks for the review of G Force; daughter's wanted to go for ages, but I wasn't sure. Might take her next weekend. I, of course, am spending the Bank Holiday cleaning the house in preparation for returning to work this week. Boo hoo!

  4. No you should never clean on a bank holiday sod the housework and go watch G Force instead :)

  5. I am in awe of your evil genius plan.

    I would probably not get away with such fakery!


  6. awwww hun you're too sweet i cannot wait to get together again soon! That was a fab idea passing off camelot as alton towers!!! i bet you had more fun there anyway, you are a genius xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Nice plan!! I am so glad the bloggy date went well! It is so fun to actually meet people in 3D!

  8. You wicked, clever, wicked woman you!! And wasn't Mr Lincoln quite gorgeous....

  9. insomniac - Sure you would, although i think i only managed it because Mia's reading isn't up to scratch, next year i'm screwed!

    Amy - Me too, we did have more fun as the rides were geared more to their age i think Alton Towers is a little too old for them at the momentx

  10. Sara - Thanks, the bloggy date was brill ha your right it is fun in 3D hehe x

    Selina - ohhhhhhh Mr Lincoln/Linton was amazing mmmmm shame Heathcliffe resembled Marco Pierre White - not my cup of tea at all!

  11. Hey thanks! I just got a comment saying that you recommended me on UK mommy bloggers or something and now a NZ journalist is checking out my blog!! Thank you so much chicky!!!


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