Saturday, 22 August 2009

Don't Cry over spilt milk...

Well whoever said that had not just slipped on some very wet tiles on the way to the wheelie bin with a very large and stinky rubbish bag containing lots of smelly soiled Nappie's ands leftover baked beans and fish fingers! Arrgh i nearly broke my neck, i tell you kids are lethal shaking their milk bottles all over my kitchen floor without a care in the world and pooping for fun - the twins have pooed seven times today. Yes seven firkin times and it's not even tea time yet, oh the joys.

I am starting to despair now, i long to get through the day without hearing shrills of: "mummy wipe my bummmmmmmmm"
"mummy Mia said a swear word"
"mummy Sofia's wet her knickers"
"I'm hungry"
"I want a drink"
"I'm board"
"mummy Eva's took her nappy off and pooed on the floor"
"Can i have a biscuit, ice cream, yogurt.....etc,etc"
"Your a mean mummy, i want daddy"
"can i go on cebeebies?"
"I want the craft box NOW"
"Sofia's just smacked me"
"Mummy Mia pushed me over"
"Mummy the babies have poured all the pasta on the floor"
"oh no Sofia's just kicked the baby"
"I don't like you anyway"
"whaaa whaa whhaaa"
"Mummy can we go to the park"
"Mummy she won't let me play"
"It's not fair"
"Mummy I've spilt my juice"
"Mummy Sofia's turned the taps on and waters everywhere"
"Whaa whaaa whaaaa"

All of the above have been screamed at me today and that's just for starters, why oh why did i do this to myself...isn't life just great? Please someone tells me it gets better, because i think I'm losing the will to live!


  1. Every year does get better, more engaging, more fun, different but I think better and better. But take care; don't forget to cherish what you have in amongst the pain. I ache to do it all again, the pain of not being able to have a baby, toddler, excitable preschooler. I miss it all so much..take time to relish in it all, it goes too fast leaving only echos behind.

  2. Oh it does get better! (but no less demanding...just usually less poo related demands). We're all wishing for this 'phase' to be over and yet when they are all teenagers refusing to talk to us or leave their rooms, we're going to miss it (at least that's what mums of teenagers tell me...I'm not sure whether to believe them) xx

  3. Kelloggsville - I hope so and i do try to make the most of it but boy will i be glad when they're all out of nappies!

    Nicola - lol i don't believe them either :)

  4. "12-yo's just kicked me in the balls, and so I hit him and now he's pretending to be dead" - was what 8-yo came and told me while I was reading your post. But at their age you can pretty much ignore it and carry on blogging, so in answer to your question, yes, it does get better.

  5. Don't know if it helps, but my household sounds remarkably similar. X

  6. Not sure I can assure you it gets better, but you made me laugh anyway! I only have one who can speak at the moment and I struggle with his level of verbal harrassment so god knows how I'll cope when the little fella also starts banging on about being Sportacus, pretending to be a cheetah and why only 3 things on CBeebies IS NOT FAIR! Yikes!

  7. thats sounds like my house lol! and i agree they do just tip their milk, juice,water and food anywhere! I've nearly brok my neck many a time! I think it gets better but we're bith in the same boat i think! cu thurs woop woop! xxx

  8. It will get better! But seven pooey nappies? Is that times two then as well? You should cry over spilt milk. It might help for mommy to cry it out. Oh, I'm feeling bad for you.

    It will get better! One step at a time. Breathe.

    Hold on!

  9. I can't really say if it gets better only having one myself, but I can say - go and look at the shoes - that'll cheer you up!

  10. I'm soooo there. I have realised lately that the shrill of "muuuuuummyy" is equivalent to the awful sound beeping alarm clocks make. My oldest turned 10 last week and I have been changing nappies everyday day non stop for 10 whole years!! I can't wait till youngest is finally out at night because that's when she saves all her poo for. muh.

  11. Gosh, I do sympathise. Once upon a time - not so long ago- I had four in nappies and the council had to give me an extra bin.

  12. Hmm any chance Piran can just stay as a baby? No? Someone once told me you spend the first two years teaching them to walk and talk and the next 14 or so telling them to sit down and shut up!

  13. Iota - That tickled me, i can't wait to ignore them, i do try to now but to no avail.

    Brits in Bosnia - It help to know i'm not alone in the hell that being a "mummy" often is :)

    hot Cross Mum - I'm glad i made you laugh, and "Harrassment" is exactly what it is :)

    Amy - Can't wait for thursday, we'll be able to swap tips x

    Mwa - Thanks Lol, and no it was 7 between them, god 14 in a morning shift now i really would be crying yikes :)

  14. Working mum - your right, one look at those shoes and all my troubles melt away sigh :)

    Widge - OMG i thought i had problems but at least having my four so close has meant i won't be changing nappies for ten whole years in a row - poor you x

    Pineapple tart - ha i have an extra wheelie bin too, although i only ever had three in nappies at any given time :)

    Kelly - That's so true, i wish i hadn't been so keen to get them talking, they won't bloomin well shut up now!

  15. My two (not twins) like to poo in sync too. It is a marvellous thing.

    I hope it does get easier, for you and me both!


  16. This too shall pass. When? Undecided about that one.

  17. OMG - just saw my future and I wanna turn back - in fact I am going back to the post about the shoes ... here's to better days ... thanks for sharing! Cx


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