Friday, 7 August 2009

Separated at Birth

Watching GMTV this morning i was aghast at the shocking similarities the "Hairy Angel" aka Susan Boyle bore to a certain someone. Susan has undergone a major image overhaul in order to appear in US Harper's Bazaar magazine and to be fair, considering what God has given her to work with, the girl looks good and she seems like a genuinely lovely lady too. So why after all that hard work, preening, plucking, pampering and de-tashing does she now resemble Cherie Blair's long lost twin. Don't get me wrong it pains me to say it as i happen to like Cherie, she comes from the same neck of the woods and she seems a nice women, not at all hairy either. Is it just me or were theses two secretly separated at birth?


  1. Eeeek! Surely there's not two of them now! Cherie I mean.

    However she looks a lot better now - Susan I mean.

    See? You've confused me now!

    Oh, what is one to do...

    RMxx (saucy winks!)

  2. So it's not just me Rm - i knew you wouldn't let me down ha. I love the saucy winks too....kepp em coming ;)

  3. But have we ever seen them together, eh? Hmmm.

  4. I saw this too on GMTV, apparently she even did a moonwalk during the photo shoot. The woman is indeed a one off!

  5. Oh dear. Maybe that was the whole point of the operation?
    Have you ever taken a photograph to the hairdresser, to show him what you want to have done. Maybe Susan did want to look like Cherie??? Maybe this is a new trend. Yay.

  6. MBNAD - Aha now that's very true, i think you may be onto something there - conspiracy!

    Womanatwork - Moonwalk? Now that would have been entertaining haha

    Met Mum - hmmm maybe, i have indeed taken a photo to the hairdressers only to leave bearing no resemblence to the person in the pic! I hope the trends not catching :)

  7. Oh my goodness! Is that really her?!

    That's a make over and a half!

    Just don't let her near Tony......

  8. Is that really Susan Boyle?


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