Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I got an award!

Thank you to the amazing Amy over at and1moremeansfour for my first ever award! I cannot believe it and am so grateful.

The rules of this award are that we need to choose 7 blogs to pass this award onto, and list 10 facts about ourselves as well. Here are my chosen brilliant blogs:

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And now for the ten facts about me, they are all pretty random but here goes.

1) My claim to fame is that i was once on TV with Mr motivator - i was eleven and was on holiday in benidorm.

2) my passion is SLEEP - i love it and do it as much as i can, although with four kids i don't get nearly as much as i would like.

3) I love to pick, squeeze and prod spots, black heads and i am always cleaning my ears and any one's who will let me near them - weird i know but i can't help it!

4) My addiction is chocolate - i am at my happiest when attacking a jar of nutella with a tablespoon and devouring it.

5) I am a terrible driver and will not drive on a motorway EVER!

6) I can snowboard -admittedly not very well.

7) I still think i am sixteen and resort to watching the oc, one tree hill, and my favorite gossip girl - it makes me feel young again.

8) I secretly fancy Mathew Wright - i know it is so WRONG but i can't explain it. The heart wants what the heart wants :)

9) I believe in angels

10) I once fell down the stairs (arse over tit)in a very expensive local boutique, and if that wasn't embarrassment enough the heel from my new shoes completely snapped off! As i hobbled around the store red faced and desperate to make a sharp exit, the owner insisted he mend my shoe for me at the shop next door, so i had no choice but to make some purchases and left the store £260 lighter and the proud owner of a see through firetrap dress amongst other things. I never showed my face in there again but at least my shoes were fixed!


  1. You deserve it and i love your random facts! especialy number 7) I do exactly the same thing but mine involes The Hills, The city, 90210, Scrubs, Friends, and americas next top model maybe a few more lol!! x x

  2. Thanks so much for the award. Loved the list - very honest. Keep it up :)

  3. Thanks for my award! Love your facts! I so agree with number 2 and 7! I always think I'm still 23... xx

  4. Oooh thank you for my award! Really cheered me up on this annoyingly sunny Monday morning. Keep up the good work and regarding the 'rubbish at housework' bit, someone with an untidy house once said: Better a house unkept than a life unlived.


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