Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sun, sea , sand, sangria and Sticky Vicky

Well i am now back from my little girlie jaunt and oh what fun was had by all. We laughed so hard for 4 whole days that i have pains in muscles i haven't felt (or seen) in years! The Hen had a total of 6 hours sleep in three nights, i wasn't such a party animal and averaged around four hours kip a night which given my reputation as a lightweight was not bad at all really.

Sticky Vicky was the highlight of the weekend and for those of you who are not familiar with the legendary 70 year old here is a brief outline of her talents - she performs rather intimate tricks such as lighting light bulbs with her vaginal muscles and pulling razor blades out of her lady garden! Classy i know but it has to be seen to be believed!

There was a live sex show too which i missed due to my cripplingly soar feet (damn you stupid 4 inch heels) and i have to say i was rather a little disappointed as how often do you get the chance to see that lol - saying that i think it was a blessing in disguise as i am rather prudish and may have fainted at the sight of such debauchery.

The sangria was a flowing and the sun was shining all week long although it never did penetrate my factor 30 and I'm ashamed to say I'm as pasty now as i was before i had my fake tan (which has now worn off) and i look like i have a skin condition similar to wacko jackos with random patches of brown all over my body - not attractive in the slightest!

So its back to the grind stone of motherhood and ground hog day has commenced once again.......until next year that is, we have decided to make it an annual trip and with weddings lined up until 2011 we have at least another 2 years to marry off the rest of my single friends which could take us all the way to 2020 - hen do's galore!!!

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