Sunday, 31 May 2009

Absense really does make the heart grow fonder

It is now week two of the school holidays and i am pleasantly surprised i have yet felt the need to shove my head in the oven. Usually by this point i am shaking with rage and unable to control my bubbling anger as the kids run wild, fight, scream profanities at each other and generally drive me to the edge of insanity, the fact that i am still relatively sane is wondrous. I think the shift in the kids behaviour is mainly due to the fabulous weather we are lucky to be getting, it's amazing how peoples moods shift up three gears when the sun is shinning - i tell you they should bottle the stuff.

However the rays of sunshine have done little to lighten Mr Bolds fowl moods of late and he is pacing the house like a bear with a soar head, testing my patience to the maximum. He seems to think that because he is having a bad day then me and the girls should too, god forbid we play in the paddling pool and make the garden a little muddy with splashes of fun. The fact that he is off to France tomorrow for two days, (we are in the process of buying a house in France and so need to open a french bank account, but that's a whole other post) i think, is contributing to his torridness as he is a little apprehensive about flying. I for one can't bloody wait, apart from having to put the bins out myself and locking up the house alone, i am looking forward to having the house to myself and only having four kids to moan at me not five!

The credit crunch is not helping my marriage either, he is self employed and so as business is not exactly booming he is spending increasingly more time at home. I liked it when i was left to my own devices now he has a lot more input into our domestic set up i am becoming increasingly resentful and cabin fever has set in arrghhhhhhh.......ok rant over! Don't get me wrong i love him and he is an incredible husband and father, but men and women should never have to spend this amount of time together, it's unnatural!!!!


  1. 2 weeks?! We only have 1 week here. My husband is exactly the same before a flight, must be the manly way to deal with fear! xx

  2. My sig. other is self employed too; works very long hours, works very hard etc and, as I work on Thurs and Fri, he works from home for one day so he can pick up the kids from school. I DREAD getting home due to the amount of half drunks cups of tea, nappies not put in bin, milk left out of fridge, clothes not put in wash basket, breakfast left out from morning...I could go on but you get the picture. He's great, I wouldn't change him but OMG he is ONE untidy bugger!

  3. Katherine - men eh? we can't live with em, can't live without em.

    Clareybabble - 1 week? Iam sooo jelous, manly? There's nothing manly about it they are all a bunch of wimps, thats why we are the ones who have to give birth :)

  4. OMG! My mother did actually put her head in the oven - its one of my first memories...I kid you not!

    However, now I know why she did it....

    Yup - men and women should not live together - just have Tiffin now and again. My hubby drives me potty when he's around too much.

    The credit crunch may have a lot to answer for!


  5. Rebel mother - You kill me, your too funny!


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