Sunday, 24 May 2009

our day out

The bold household was up bright and early this morning for a fun filled family day out. We had planned to visit the beach maybe or the zoo, but both these ideas had been poo pooed by my dearest hubby on account of his aversion to sand and overly crowded places. Finally and after much deliberation (involving three slanging matches) we settled on a visit to "speak hall", a grand manor house only 30 minutes drive away.

Arriving at the stately home, and having realised i had forgotten to bring the picnic we had pain stakingly put together at the last minute, we headed straight for the cafe to fill up on overpriced sandwiches and drinks. Stomachs full and kids loaded with chocolate buttons we headed for the nature trail and took a stroll through the beautiful grounds and amazing bluebell forest. We all had a great day and we finished off by letting the kids run wild on the playground area,all the fresh air and exercise worked wonders and by half six in the evening all four fell fast asleep......amazing.


  1. Sounds lovely.

    My husband ahs an aversion to overly crowded places too!

  2. My son loves running around at our local NT place. I agree about overpriced food though! Ice creams are extortionate there! x

  3. clare - i know, i have now resorted to taking provisions with me everywhere i go, with 4 kids to supply i'd need a bank loan for the ice creams x

    laura -we have so much in common lol


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