Saturday, 16 May 2009

Every cloud!

Today has been the day from hell, i was lucky enough to have the pleasure of escorting my four year old to another (yawn) school friends party! Only this time it was not being held at a local indoor soft play area,shock horror, yes this child's mother actually had a little imagination and hired out the local church hall to hold a "gymbobs" party.

Gymbobs being the slightly older version of tumble tots, with lots of structured and most importantly supervised games, which has to be said was a thousand times more appealing than having to climb through an assault course of netting and tubular slides to rescue my hysterical snot covered daughter from a demented psycho child high on fruit shoots that has just whacked her over the head for no reason at all! However, with all four kids in tow and no car it was never going to be plain sailing, i had no choice but to call a black cab which i patiently waited over fifty minutes for to no avail.

Now nearly twenty minutes late and with Mimi starting to look upset we headed for the bus stop at the end of the road, Que heavy showers of torrential rain followed by a very wet ten miute wait for the bus,and we had almost made it. After a brisk walk we finally arrived soaked to the bone, miserable and 50 minutes late! You'd think that would be embarrassment enough but oh no Mimi decided to have a tantrum and refuse to join in the party on the grounds of having very wet pants and again in the space of two minutes we were center of attention for all the wrong reasons.

eventually and with the help of some very kind parents Mimi joined the rest of the screaming five year olds and i am pleased to report lots of fun was had indeed.even Fi was asked to join in on account of birthday boys mummy taking pity on her - i defy anyone with half a heart to ot be completely won over by her charms she is so adorably cute. I have to add though i would never usually take the other three to tag along at parties and vice versa, as i hate it when people do that it was just i had no one else to mind the kids as hubby is away for the weekend and my parents are too.

So the girls had fun which was my number one priority and i managed, through gritted teeth, to look enthusiastic and polite whilst listening and responding to the mind numbingly monotonous comments about my brood i.e:

"Are they twins? - 3 comments

"you have four children and they are all girls?" - 1 comment

"you have got your hands full" - 5 comments

"you've done so well to make it here, i don't know how you make it out the door" - 2 comments

"are they identical?" - 2 comments

"which ones the more dominant?" - 1 comment

"Do twins run in the family?" - 1 comment

"have you got two sets of twins?" - 2 comments

"are you gonna keep trying for a boy then?" -1 comment

You get the picture and to round my day off perfectly we then had a forty five minute wait for our bus home, but the silver lining and i did have to really want to see it was that at least we were all now dry!


  1. Lovely post. I'm pleased to see that parents still talk bolleaux after all these years ... Your dinkydots sound wonderful. Enjoy each day; they won't come again.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments MBNAD and i will do my best to enjoy my "dinkydots" however trying it might be.

  3. Seriously the things people say! I have 4 too, and once a woman asked me,' which one is unique?'

  4. Have you visited Linda @

  5. LOL ... I am not sure if thats the reaction you're looking for, but it did make me smile!

    And missbehaving 'which one is unique?' - what sort of question is that ??!!

  6. unbelieveable, i take it the woman with all the tact was childless then missbehaving?

    OMG Pregnant - glad to make you smile, if i didn't laugh i'd cry, thanks for commenting :)

  7. Oh gosh, this is the mother of all bad days! Bless you. You must love you girls very much to put yourself through these turmoils, lol, I'm not sure I would have braved it without hubby in tow. Well done you.


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