Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Birthday blues

Yesterday i turned twenty six, and it was as uneventful as most birthdays past the age of thirteen tend to be. No cake, no "happy birthday to you" sung to me at the crack of dawn which you might expect from a house filled with little people. You see my husband who was due back from his boys only weekend at midnight on Sunday, decided to call me at 10pm with the news that he had "accidentally" missed his flight home. Needless to say i was not buying any of it, i slammed the phone down and uttered obscenities to myself vowing to make him pay. It's bad enough he lied to me but to act with such total disregard for me on my BIRTHDAY - i wanted to boil his head!

So i awoke all alone, no cards and with no one to look after the kids i had no choice but to cancel the Indian head massage and pedicure my mum had booked for me at the local spa. The day was pretty much a non starter and after avoiding Mr Bold for the whole day, filling my time with a spot of retail therapy and lots of cheesecake, i finally returned home to be give him a piece of my mind.

The silent treatment had obviously worked, he couldn't apologise enough and had bought me an abundance of random belated birthday gifts to help ease his guilty conscience and so he bloody well should have. They were all lovely apart from the chavtastic silver "seksy" watch he had also bought on the plane, recommended to him by the air hostess, need i say more. Why is it that men are so incapable of buying decent presents? They think if it costs more than fifty quid they are on to a winner,their brain must malfunction at the slightest mention of the word "present". I suppose i should be grateful he at least made the effort, after all it's the thought that counts isn't it?


  1. Belated Happy Birthday. If you pop over to Not Waving, you'll see that her son is 26 too.
    1983 produced the nicest of babies. Junior Mad arrived that year and I can recommend it as a vintage! Madette arrived the day after my 29th birthday so my birthdays disappeared into preparing for her big day for many years.
    You wait till your girls make something special for your birthday. I still remember the big jam sandwich, with as much jam on the outside as inside. Beats a cake from Maison Blanc any day.

    You could always try ... "Can we take the watch back and get the Cartier [substitute with bling watch of your choice] that you really meant to get me".

    Anyway Happy Birthday again.

  2. Thanks for the belated birthday message, i'll have to take a look at not waving but drownings post. Your jam sandwich sounds adorable i cannot wait untill my girls can indulge me. As for the cartier watch i'm not sure hubby's budget could streatch that far as he is in the proccess of purchasing me a lovely new home in france (fingers crossed), but there is always next year lol.

  3. Aww happy birthday.

    Yes it is the thought that counts... apparently!!

    Just think, next years birthday can only be better and at least you're not 30 ... see lots of silver linings :0)


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