Saturday, 25 April 2009

Not pramface!

Being a mother of four at the ripe old age of 26 raises a fare few eyebrows, and on establishing the rather large brood in front of them are ALL mine people tend to take a sharp intake of breath followed by the usual:

"Are they all yours?"

"you've got your hands full"

"rather you than me"

"good luck with that lot"

"you need to get a T.V in your house love"

"oh my god"

"don't know how you cope"

"you deserve a medal"

Honestly you would think i was Vicky Pollard by the looks of disdain shot my way. Me and my husband have been together for ten years now, it is the only serious relationship i have ever had, admittedly only half my brood have been conceived in wedlock - but still by today's standards that still makes me positively saintly.

Is it just me or do any other young mums out there get tarred with the same "pramface" brush?

I want to scream no I'm not a 4x4 mum (sorry Ulrika), i am happily(most of the time) married to the father of all my children, i am relatively well educated thank you very much and I'm a bloody good mum! I have just happend to live my life back to front!

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