Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I'm still on the healthy eating plan and all is going smoothly so far, apart from the fact i haven't done any exercise yet but I'm hoping to rectify that by doing an aerobics dvd I've had sat on my book shelf since Christmas 2006, it's time to dust off my sports bra and keep fit for the first time in about five years!!!!! I haven't weighed myself yet as i'm scared that if my weight loss is non existent or really crap then i'll quit, so i'm gonna do a weeks worth of exercise and then have the dreaded weigh in. I've decided to take my measurements this time too so i'll be back tomorrow posting all my details on this blog - hopefully it will be the kick up the arse i need and shame me into losing the flab for good. The salads are wearing thin on me already so god knows how i'll last but i'm determined to get fit.
The house is a pigsty, dishes are overflowing and the washing basket is full so i'm off to complete my domestic duties and put the tea on......a mothers works never done:)

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