Monday, 20 April 2009

Happy Holidays

Well my nerve's are shot, my patience has evaporated and my home is even more of a bombsite than it was before the half term holidays began but finally i can now see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Yes today is the last day of the easter holidays - thank Christ, we have had an action packed two weeks including several easter egg hunts, lots of walks to feed the ducks, trips to the park, disastrous bike rides, many play dates, picnic's, visits to the local pets corner and a few tantrums thrown in for good measure. School along with the frantic regimented mornings of packed lunch making, breakfast inhaling, getting four kids up, dressed and out the door hopefully all with sparkling clean teeth will come as a welcomed relief!

Today we had planned a family trip to a local museum hoping the lasting memory of the holidays would would be of educational fun not of eating 90 easter eggs and playing dens in the garden, yes i want the teachers at school to think I've made more of an effort than plying my kids with chocolate for two weeks and letting them run wild making their own fun. Instead due to Mr Bolds erratic working hours we have had to postpone the museum until further notice and settle on trip to the swimming pool for daddy and the big girls - yes mummy will be staying at home with the twins trying to make some headway on the two months worth of ironing i have piled up in the spare bedroom - out of site out of mind, well that's my excuse.

The girls are now eagerly awaiting daddy's arrival with swimming caps at the ready and 2 minute intervals of "when is daddy home?" and "It's not fair...he's taking to long!"

To be fair he was due back half an hour ago but he has just called to say he's running a little late and will be another hour, now all i have to do is keep them entertained till he gets here and I'll have made it through the holidays relatively unscathed - compared to the last school holidays that's a huge success.

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