Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I'm off to sunny spain......

In need of a whole new wardrobe for the impending Hen party on friday, i made a mad dash to primani to stock up on all my essentials including:

orange tulip dress
black linen pants
black skirt
4 vest tops
4 underwear sets
ear rings
pyjama bottoms
make up bag
pink eyeshadow
flip flops
fold away magic pumps

Total: £100.98!!!!

What a bargain all that for a hundred pounds, i saw the exact same dress (orange tulip) in topshop for £65 last week and although it's not usually my style i decided to live dangerously and be a little more daring as i never get to dress up much. Not sure orange is my colour though, the last time i wore it i think i was eleven and even though I'm roughly the same age as Cheryl Cole (who has sported a dress very much like mine recently) that's where the similarity begins and ends! I'm not a size 6, toned, tanned dark haired doll like siren, i am a blond, pasty, curvaceous(lumpy) size 14 and the only doll i resemble is a cabbage patch one or at least i will after the flight!

I know my shopping spree wasn't exactly ethical but we are in the middle of a credit crunch don't you know and anyway the money I've saved from not shopping in zara and topshop can now be happily spent on a blow dry and a (very MUCH needed) spray tan!

Well that's how I'm justifying it and seen as i am in denial about my actual body shape, I'm really size 8 trapped in the body of a flump, i cannot allow myself to waste a lot of money on clothes that will no longer fit me once I'm back to my svelte pre - baby weight. This insane rationalisation has been going on for five years now and i am convinced that once I've started my extreme diet, I'll be a size 10 again in three months and can buy a load of new clothes form Karen Millen and ted Baker - the problem is i have no will power and I'm in danger of looking like makka pakka forever!

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