Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Slummy mummy

Having scoured the empty fridge and the bare cupboards for something to rustle up quickly for the kids tea i realised the easiest option was to shut the twins up (who were clinging to my limbs screaming like banshees) with a bowl of cereal and a yogurt or two. I know I'll hardly be a candidate for mother of the year but it did the job and i then had a moments silence to think of something to make the older two - i settled on a tin of Heinz tomato soup (it was either that or evaporated milk) and the last three slices of bread.

Whilst rustling up the soup(taking all of 3 mins in the microwave) Mimi came rushing in from the garden demanding to know what exactly is for tea and if she could have another Easter egg instead, she stopped in her tracks when she noticed the twins munching on a large bowl of cornflakes each.

"muuuumm" snigger "why are the twins having cornflakes for dinner" snigger.

I then began to explain that mummy and daddy had not been shopping yet, but before i could finish, she was skipping outside into the garden to announce to her sister and the whole neighbourhood what a terrible mother i am.

"Guess what Fi the twins are having CORNFLAKES for the tea"

"CORNFLAKES"Fi shouts "but mummy why have you give the twins CORNFLAKES for their tea?" she says whilst trying to fit her head through the kitchen window with her bike helmet on to get a closer look at the twins.

The two of them then persisted to giggle with one another and discuss how bazaar it was to them that mummy had given their sisters cereal for tea, loud enough for my nosy neighbours to hear everything. Oh the shame!

In my defence i would like to add that the Easter holidays has played havoc with our usual shopping schedule, i can assure you my children are usually well fed and get their five a day (most days), so to avoid any further embarrassment or a call from the social services I'm am off now to the local supermarket to stock up on LOTS of perishables. With four kids in tow I'm not sure I'll have the time or the energy once we make it back home to cook a cottage pie from scratch - it's more likely to be fish fingers and frozen veg, well it's definitely an improvement from last nights menu.

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