Tuesday, 21 April 2009

kids arn't made for walking!

My feet are throbbing and my legs feel like lumps of wood, I've just returned from collecting the girls from preschool and what should have been a leisurely 30 minute stroll has taken nearly three hours.

Firstly Fi insisted on stopping for lunch at the local cafe where we had soup and sandwiches followed by lots of fruit to keep the twins happy. Next we called at the bank to get some more pennies as i had spent up on lunch, we then needed to stop by the shop for some washing up liquid and juice which resulted in a tantrum over mini eggs - I'm pleased to report i did not give in although I'm still not sure who i was punishing given that i can still hear ringing in my ears!

Nearing home i suddenly remembered our ant infestation and made an about turn to the handy man store where i purchased ant powder and spray - I'll get rid of them little buggers once and for all!

Poor fi's legs gave way just as we were making progress so i bribed her with the promise of choccy buttons if she'd stop crying and make it home without me having to maneuver a double buggy, bags of shopping and a screaming 3 year old with only two arms.

With the finishing line in sight and home literally around the corner Fi hit the floor, tripping over her own feet and grazing both knees. super sonic screaming ensued and no amount of chocy buttons was going to calm this situation so i tried my best to carry her home to no avail, when out of nowhere my friendly local florist, who happens to live at the bottom of my road, appeared from her house like a fairy godmother.

Fi was all smiles again in no time, lapping up the attention and the twins had finally fell asleep. Florist lady then gave me the low down on her new nightmare neighbours - they had done a moonlight flit from their last home owing three months rent (which just happened to be two streets away) and this is the fourth time they have moved in 18 months! Apparently they are notorious for fleecing unsuspecting home owners out of months worth of rent and now no local estate agents will touch them with a barge pole - unfortunately florist Lady's previous neighbours had handled things themselves to avoid paying any agency fees and are only now finding out about their tenants abysmal reputation. Some people have no shame!

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