Monday, 13 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, now it's nearly over thank god, i can finally get started with that diet again, well that is when I've helped the kids get through the 12 remaining chocolate eggs they have left. My children are proving harder to please each year, now mimi's nearly five she's no longer impressed with my attempts to keep their chocolate consumption down to a minimum, apparently it's quantity rather than quality that is paramount to kids. Having descended down the stairs like a whirlwind at the crack of dawn to investigate the whereabouts of her easter egg and if the easter bunny had indeed eaten all that carrot(thanks to Mr Bold she was not disappointed) Mimi did not hold back in expressing her disappointment at finding only a rather small barbie easter egg and a lovely (and expensive) disney musical book.

"mummy the easter bunny hasn't left us very much has he?"

"Well honey" i say "the easter bunny hasn't got the same funding behind him as father chritmas has"
sensing she was making comparisons between the last time a complete stranger had left presents at our house in the middle of the night.

"Father christmas has the baking of a large ad campaign and he has elf's, the easter bunny can't compete with that now can he?" I know, I've blown them but seeing the logic behind the thought, i felt obliged to give her some sort of explanation much to Mr Bolds amusement who is now considering sectioning me, and on retrospect i can't say i blame him.

Fi was her usual grateful self playing with the charlie and Lola bath toys with sheer delight on her face and although mimi had a rather bemused look on her face after my ramblings she was satisfied with being allowed to eat her small chocolate egg for breakfast instead of the usual weetabix and toast.

I have just had the best easter present yet, i now have 1 follower yeah me, thanks softinthehead for making my easter, i think your blogs great!

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