Monday, 20 July 2009

Happy Anniversary!

"Those who in July do wed must labour for their daily bread"

Today i am celebrating three years of wedded bliss and sometimes Hell. Yes three years ago today we declared to forsake all other and be Husband and Wife forever till death us do part....yikes put like that it's a wonder we've even made it so far. Having reached the seven year itch mark in our relationship we decided with sheer defiance to get married instead of itching the proverbial scratch.

The wedding took place in Florida at the beautiful celebration golf course, with a select number of close family and friends. The weather was glorious and in the end it turned out to be a lovely day, although me being the queen of drama it did not go without a hitch or ten. Firstly the hairdresser was hopeless and after three failed attempts at getting my hair right i had to settle for an awful up do that did me absolutely no favours, a few tears were shed but i got over it until me and my Mother in law were left stranded at the hairdressers by a taxi firm.

Fortunately my guardian angel was looking out for me that day and with the help of a complete stranger who worked at the local Wal-Mart i arrived back to the villa with only eight minutes to spare. I had to get my dress and make up on and have pictures taken in under ten minutes but we all made it in the end.

After our Al fresco ceremony we headed straight back to the luxury rented Villa and consummated our marriage in under five minutes while waiting for our guests to arrive, we then spent the rest of the afternoon splashing in the pool. In the evening we all went for a lovely slap up meal and then spent the remaining week of our holiday traipsing around various Disney parks in horrendous heat. All is well that ends well.......i think.


  1. Ahh, luxury villas and swimming pools! Sigh.

  2. Well, happy anniversary to both of you!! And many more to come!

  3. happy anniversary! We had a similar quickie on our big day :-) but with the photographer knocking on our bedroom door,asking about shooting angles from our window! Argh! (Plus he's my mum's best mates hubby, cringe....)

  4. happy anniversary hun! Ive added you to the meme tag i've done becuase me and you are very a like and i'd love to hear your answers lol! xxxx

  5. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a fab time, I am decidedly jealous having never stayed anywhere like that. xx

  6. Happy Anniversary ... mine tomorrow

    Did you buy the leather thong in the end?

  7. Happy Anniversary...and the "in under 5 minutes" cracked me up.

  8. Mwa - don't sigh too much we had a 9mnth old sharing our room everynight and a 23month old next door crying every five we didn't really get the benifits :)x

    gaelikaa - Thanks, and here's hoping x

    Allgrownup - Sounds very funny, i will forever see that image when thinking of you hehe :)x

    Amy - thanks hun and i shall complete the meme very soon x

    Laura - congrats for tomorrow, i never got round to purchasing anything leather damn i coulda really done with that thong though...sigh. How about you, did you invest in anything leather???

    zooarchaeologist - Thank you. Don't be too jelous though 9mnth old Fi and 23mnth old Mi seen to it that we never enjoyed the luxury of the hot tub :(

    jennyMac - Thank you and thanks for stopping by, thats quite prolonged theses days though, we never manage more than two minutes these days :) x

  9. Happy Anniversary!
    I had crap hair on my wedding day too. It took a week to get the hairspray out!

  10. Gah having posting issues - this is so funny. There's a little something over at mine in honour of it

  11. Me again!
    There's an award for you at mine x

  12. Happy anniversary! A wedding isn't wedding without a trauma or two.


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