Sunday, 19 July 2009

Leather Anniversary?

Tomorrow marks mine and Mr Bolds third year of marriage together and what better way to celebrate our little mile stone than with the gift of LEATHER. Yes apparently leather is what is traditionally received as a present on your third anniversary, but unless you are some weirdo into S&m and gimp masks (which for the record i most certainly am not), then i can't see how this gift is supposed to enhance or cement your marriage. I'm struggling to come up with any type of gift other than maybe a wallet?

Below is a year - by - year list of the traditional anniversary gifts:

First: paper

Second: cotton

Third: leather

Fourth: linen

Fifth: wood

Sixth: iron

Seventh: copper

Eighth: bronze

Ninth: pottery

Tenth: tin or aluminium

Eleventh: steel

Twelfth: silk

Thirteenth: lace

Fourteenth: ivory

Fifteenth: crystal

Twentieth: china

Twenty-fifth: silver

Thirtieth: pearls

Thirty-fifth: coral or jade

Fortieth: rubies

Forty-fifth: sapphires

Fiftieth: gold

Fifty-fifth: emeralds

Sixtieth: diamonds

How lame are some of theses ideas and to think i have to ride it out for at least thirty years if i want any sort of "decent" present, I'm hoping i have the stamina to see in my fifty fifth wedding aniversary as Emeralds are the only appealing gift on there. No wonder so many marriages end in divorce.........TIN for a decade of compromise and slanging matches i don't think so!!!!


  1. Congratulations, on our third anniversary my husband bought me a leather bag, well I think it was PVC actually but I gave him 10 out of 10 for effort. I've tagged you over at mine.

  2. Congrats. We were just having the conversation of when the leather anniversary was. Missed it though, wood for us this year.

    And TIN. For 10 years? Who are they kidding?

  3. Oh god - my 3rd anniversary is on the 22nd. I have been chuckling at the leather items I could buy.

    We're going camping ... not for our anniversary I may add. So I think the only gift I'll be getting is woken by the 3 year old at 4.30 asking if it's morning yet.

  4. WAomanatwork - Thats a top present. i'd love a leather bag, i fear he may go down the route of underwear though and that will not be a pretty sight lol:)

    Fraughtmummy - Thanks i'm rather jelous you get wood, it beats leather hands down :)

    Laura - That's uncanny ours is the 21st, i wrote this last night but only posted it this morning not realising it would still state yesterdays date - i'm a dougnut. Enjoy camping - maybe you could invest in a his 'n' hers leather sleeping bag :)

  5. A really nice handbag, m'dear.

    We lasted 30. But by 20 (china), we needed the crockery to throw at each other!

    Congratulations. Read your comment on Wakeup. Hope you're ok.

    Mad x

  6. Looks like linen for us this year! Maybe some sexy satin sheets ;-). We seem to have missed the leather thing, hubby would have loved it, he does have a bit of a decidedly kinky side sometimes, lol!

  7. They really are rubbish, huh?

    Happy 4th anniversary darling, here's some sheets - go change the bed.
    Who said romance is dead?!

    As for leather - fancy leather bookmark? a nice belt? Sorry, I'm no help at all :P

  8. Thanks for the list!
    Yes, a leather bag, or some shoes?!
    Leather-bound notebook?
    Happy Anniversary x

  9. We're nearly at ivory - but isn't that illegal these days?

  10. Tin for us then, this year. Kind of sad that after fifteen you only get every five years.
    Happy anniversary for tomorrow!

  11. MBNAD WOMAN - LOL Glad it's not just me then with the volatile marriage, i understand now there is method in the madness of the gift list! Thanks for the comment and i'm hanging in there - just x

    Allgrownup - ha i'm all for a bit of kinkyness but i don't think i can pull off a leather catsuite and whip, congrats on making it to the linen, i'm jelous i could do with some new bedding x

    Miss leslieanne - Absolutely useless! Thanks for stopping by and for trying to come up with a few ideas :) x

    Sandy - Yes shoes - Brilliant!!! Some louboutins please Mr Bold (a wife can dream) x

    Iota - wow congrats impressive - you must have some patience :) I think Ivory is illegal yeh x

    Mwa - Thanks. Well done but don't you feel slighty short changed? Tin?? I suppose after fifteen years most couples give up on the celebrations ha :) x

  12. Oh I have the nice safe easy paper this year. It was my Mum's 10th last year and I bought her a really nice Tin sign - I was quite pleased with myself!

    Leather though, is tricky. Shoes, belt, wallet. All very normal and day to day type presents really. I'm also not a lot of help. I like the leather bound note book idea.

  13. Just realised I am a day late anyway. Hope you had a good anniversary.

  14. Im late too, but congratulations!

    There is a modern list too, I dont think this is the best version of it, but its a start:

  15. Happy anniversary! We're heading for copper...2p anyone?! x


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