Friday, 17 July 2009

When it's all just poo much.....

Poo seems to have taken over my life, not only do i have to wipe 3 yr olds bum after every toilet trip(she's surprisingly capable at nursery though), check to see if there is any trace of poo left on four year olds botty after her number 2s as she likes to be doubly sure, i also have to clean up little treats left for me all over my floors (the twins like to surprise me by ripping off their nappy All the time)!

All this and i still am greeted by the stench of stale turds every morning courtesy of Eva's new party trick and no amount of masking tape can deter her. So when Mia "accidentally" stood in dog poo right outside her school gates yesterday on our way home, it was the last straw! I was furious at the skanky dog owner who let their mutt shit of all places outside a primary school and didn't pick it up, i mean how inconsiderate and down right disgusting is that?

So Mr bold had the pleasurable job of cleaning Mia's school shoes - i draw the line at human poo and only baby poo at that! With all this in mind i am contemplating commencing "operation potty training" with the twins - i know i must be certifiable, but i had intended to make use of the summer holidays and all that glorious sunshine (yeah right) to try and get them into some pretty knickers, I'm just not sure i am mentally strong enough to keep it up as there are TWO of them and I'm only used to doing one at any given time! If anyone has any advise on how to potty train multiples i would be very grateful.


  1. Don't know about multiples, but I reckon leaving potty training as late as possible to be the least stressful route myself.

    Potty training is up there as the worst few weeks of my life. That was just with one. Are you sure about this two together thing? Maybe one at a time.

    Very useless at giving advice me! Sorry!

  2. I saw the title and I just had to come on in!! Oh dear oh dear oh dear!!! Thank God I only had to do one at a time - and that was hard enough! I'm with Brit in Bosnia above - try to leave it as late as possible without it becomming a complete embarrassment! BUT, if you feel they're ready then why not??? How old are they exactly? I have a couple of friends with twins and they had a book about potty training multiples - not sure what it was but I'm sure you can pick it up on Amazon. In any case, huge amounts of luck and only small amounts of poo!! xxxxxxxxx

  3. Oooh, I'm potty training Baby Boy over the next few weeks too... wanna swap?

  4. I'm thinking of potty training my nineteen month old daughter, but I think I very well may leave it until she is two and a half, like her brother was. To him, I just calmly explained what was expected and he did it in a couple of weeks because he wanted to go to school.

    Not helpful, I know. Good luck!

  5. Fraught mummy - i appreciate the advice - i hadn't really thought about doing them seperately but i suppose either way it's going to be a killer. x

    Maternal tales - your so funny, the twins are 20 months now and constantly taking their nappies off, i think i'll pop on over to Amazon and check out that book x

    Pippa - YES PLEASEEEEEEE!!!! :) X

    Mwa - thanks for stopping by and for the advice. My girls are about the same age as your little one so we will have to swap tips...good luck x

  6. I love the title of this post!
    I've bought a potty, and got 'Potty Training in one week' out of the library, but that's as far as I've got with potty training my 22 month old. I'm so not looking forward to starting :-(
    Let us know how you get on x

  7. Sandy - Thanks i just couldn't resist the pun! Good luck and i'll keep you posted on thier progress or lack of :) x

  8. I have never read so much about poo as I have in the last two months after starting reading everyone's blogs! Good luck.

  9. We love good poo stories though, now that Maternal Tales has a pretty well trained Edie, we need an alternative host for tales of poo. Any volunteers?

  10. Poo-r you. That's far too much poo for one mummy to be dealing with (I totally agree on the animal poo handling ban - that's def one for the dads). Good luck with the double training - yikes!

  11. Oh yikes! My twin girls are almost 3 and I still haven't potty trained them..... am a really big coward?
    Am hoping I can do it in the two weeks we are in Spain. Maybe all that swimming and walking around half naked and washable flooring and sand will make it easier than having to dodge the rain to get the mop bucket from outside the backdoor of my pokey kitchen and spraying the carpet with vanish..... again!
    That's the theory anyway. :-)

  12. I hate potty trsining! The cat poos everywhere at the moment so as well as changing dirty nappies I'm clearing up smelly cat poo! Any advice on potty training cats would be helpful ;)


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