Thursday, 2 July 2009

THE interview - my girls on their mummy

After reading the lovely Susanna's blog recently i stumbled across a post in which she had interviewed her children, asking random questions all about her (their mum), the answers are so cute that i have decided to follow suit with my very own interview. Here's how it went.......

1) What is something mum always says to you?
Mi - "STOP!" and "ooh no"
Fi - "Don't hit the babies"

2) What Makes mummy happy?
Mi - "giving you kisses and when Daddy gives you flowers"
Fi - "When we bring you flowers from Nanny's"

3) What makes mummy sad?
Mi - "When we smack you and when we are naughty at someones house"
Fi - "When we be naughty"

4) How does mummy make you laugh?
Mi - "When she tickles me"
Fi - "When you pull funny faces"

5) What was your mummy like as a little girl?
Mi - " Was you nice to uncle A and auntie S? (no comment ...cough)
Fi - "You ate chocolate balls" (really????)

6) How old is your mummy?
Mi - "Are you 100?"
Fi - "seventeen"

7) How tall is your mummy?
Mi - "ten feet tall"
Fi - "Longer than auntie S"

8) What is her favourite thing to do?
Mi - "clean" (does she not know me at ALL?)
Fi - "Work for jobs" (???)

9) What does your mum do when your not around?
Mi - " I think you feel a little bit happy"
Fi - "You bake my dinner"

10) If your mummy became famous what would it be for?
Mi - "Fashion - you would be on Gok"
Fi - " You would dance in X factor" (i don't think soooo)

11) What is your mum really good at?
Mi - "Tidying up"
Fi - "Printing out the tweenies papers on the computer for me to colour"

12) What is your mummy not very good at?Mi - "Dancing" (True, very true)
Fi - "Baking pizza cos you burnd it" (Spot on)

13) What does your mummy do for her job?
Mi - "look after her children"
Fi - "She goes to shopping"

14) What is your mummy favourite food?
Mi - "salad because it's in the fridge" (Yeah it's the only thing that's ever in the fridge because i NEVER eat it, i just buy it to make me feel better about all those chocolate purchases)
Fi - " 'biscetti' bolognaise with mushrooms in it"

15) If your mummy could have one wish what would it be?
Mi - "A bike"
Fi - " on a shooting star for a Hannah Montana book (wtf?)

P.S Just to let you all know i am having major problemos with my stupid computer, which is allowing me to write posts but not comment on mine or any other blogs arrgh. Please don't think I'm being ignorant i appreciate all your comments and will be returning the favour as soon as this laptop is fixed...fingers crossed it's soon!


  1. I love this - I might just have to steal the idea too!!! Your girlies are sooooooo cute. I love their answers (salad hee hee)!! x

  2. It's not your laptop its a followers bug on blogspot, remove your followers and it will stop the problem. I took mine off for a couple of days then put them back and it was ok - there is help available for it on blogspot help - good luck x

  3. oohhh just posted - LOL - maybe its wahm-bam with the followers error - I know one I try to post on regularly has it!!!! - sorry - cool post though - I am going to try it on my Daughter - she's older though - not sure I could post all her answers!!!

  4. That's so cute! I love their view of the world!

  5. awesome! I'm totally stealing this idea

  6. This is lovely. I am going to try it this afternoon, after playgroup. It's so funny to hear what they really think of us!

  7. This is such a great post. Kids have the funniest view of things don't they?

  8. a good post i think i might have to it go with my little ones but such cute answers! xx

  9. Oh this is sooo cute! How old is your mummy -are you 100??? Lovely, lovely!

  10. Brilliant and so funny. Still chuckling about the Gok comment, that really tickled me :-) x

  11. If only mine were old enough to do this! I suspect all S's answers would be cbeebies ;)

  12. Awww, this is so super cute. I love this!

  13. classic stuff, very funny and very sweet.

  14. Found your blog via "Four down, Mum to go?" (you're kind of the female equivalent of her, aren't you?)

    I loved this interview. Out of the mouths of babes...


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