Monday, 6 July 2009

They love me, they really love me....

I have finally been awarded the "F**$ing fabulous" blog award and i am mega thrilled!!! I know it's rather juvenile to take delight in the use of obscene language but hey it's my blog and I'll effin swear if i want too he he. Thanks to the very witty "maternal tales" for bestowing such a wondrous accolade upon me, i do apologise if i am rambling a Little too much but i have polished off a whole bottle of rose and am struggling to type through the hiccups ha.

The wine is in aid of self medication as i have had the day from hell yet again with the terrible twins .....they have not stopped screaming and I'm at my wits end, I'm hitting the bottle in the hope of numbing the pain and deafening the constant ringing in my ears from their high pitched incessant cry. I have awoken to poo nearly every day for the past ten days in a row i kid not. I am not talking metaphorically i mean literally poo!!! Eva for some strange sadistic reason is taking great pleasure in ripping her nappy off at the crack of dawn and shitting all over her cot, some times she is kind enough to not stand in it and walk it in to the ma tress...but 8 times out of ten i find her smearing it everywhere with her feet!!!! Anyway I'm digressing sorry...

So back to my award, yeah me!! Now as i am slightly intoxicated i cannot recall what i am supposed to do with it so i will kindly pass it on to five "F$**ing Fabulous" Blogs that i love to read, if i am not following the correct protocol i do apologise but hey I've had a few bowls of loud mouth soup what the hell do ya expect. So here are my chosen five in no particular order..............

Metroplitan mum


Domestically challenged

A Modern Mother

My guide to surviving and enjoying life's mundane

Well I'm off now to try and post a comment on my chosen five's blogs, however my computer or the virus is still not fixed so i may need to email them all.....


  1. Thank you muchly for the award!

    I went through that same poo stage with my 3rd child. It lasted for a couple of months! Thankfully we were renting and she no longer has the bedroom as poos was smeared all over the walls and carpet over and over again. I also had to throw out many toys as poo in barbies hair seems to keep the lingering smell.

    I know your pain. It's so frustrating! I even took a photo of it on my cell phone to send to gooseman at work to make him understand how revolting it is to clean up.

    love and thoughts your way xo

  2. Congratulations! Here's hoping for no poo tomorrow!

  3. Wow, thanks for the award. Blogging when intoxicated is funny (if I remember rightly, last time I had too much to drink was last September!).

    Bad luck on the poo front, I can see how that would turn anyone to the Rose!

  4. Oh My God. I've got all this to come! Better get the rose in!
    *whispers* how's the head this morning? x

  5. Thanks! I am NOT laughing about the poo thing. Seriously. that is a LONG stretch you poor thing!
    Maybe I could send you a coupon I have for wipes? Kidding..

  6. I did get this one before, but thank you for the award!
    Following the legend, I used to rip my nappy off and spread the content all over the place. I just hope my daughter doesn't take after me, fingers crossed! Isn't there anything you can do to make the nappy baby proof? Like stapling the thing together? Taping all over it? Just wondering...

  7. Taping all over it!! Love it!! Oh goodness I really hope they stop. LOL

  8. Well deserved honey - for the poo alone! x

  9. I have tagged you!

  10. Congrats on getting the effing award! That is one to covet... I want, I want. So glad to read another blog written by an intoxicated was me thinking only I did that! Sorry to hear about all the poo. That much poo is never good!


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