Monday, 13 July 2009

Damsel in distress

Did you think I'd fallen off the edge of blogshere? Probably not as i don't think anybody would have actually noticed...weep, well i on the other hand have felt like my right arm has been sworn off, it's scary how addicted i have become to blogging in such a short amount of time - how did i ever live without it!

Nothing much has changed in the bold house I'm sorry to say, yes i still awake to poo smeared in Eva's cot most mornings in spite of the masking tape i have resorted to using in the hope she may not be able to rip it off and the house is still a tip, however all that is about to change now i have joined Flylady.

You all will have probably heard of the wondrous and annoyingly organised Flylady, she sends you daily emails and tips on how to tackle your cluttered home and become a proper housewife with a gleaming home starting with a shiny sink! I have tried this once before pre twins but failed hears hoping second times the charm.

Organisation skills are something i am seriously lacking and today was no exception, even with flyladys help i managed to be late for the school run AGAIN only this morning to add to my many stresses it was Mia's end of year assembly and i was already five minutes behind my extreamly tight schedule when i spotted a toad in my car next to the seat belt i was about to fasten. Yes a big slimy fat green toad - i froze with fear and even the thought of missing Mia singing twinkle twinkle in Spanish was not enough for me to overcome my irrational behaviour and flick the toad out. Eventually and after a rather pathetically frantic call to Mr Bold, who just sighed and told me to deal with it, a knight in shining armour appeared from nowhere to save the day. My prince charming was fifty something, stumpy, balding with yellow teeth (at least they were his own) and was walking a German Shepard not riding a powerful white horse....... but this damsel in distress was grateful anyways and beggars can't be choosers. Who said chivalry was dead eh?


  1. Ooh I made my sink all shiny yesterday. Don't tell me I've gone all domesticated!!

  2. I managed to defeat my laundry basket yesterday but that'll be it for the year. No Domestic Goddess here.

    We missed you! Come back come back!

  3. Poor you for the slimy toad. I would have cried and ran away.
    Why would you want a shiny sink? Shiny sinks are overrated. Don't become the slave of your home!

  4. Sandy - i'm sorry to tell you but flylady would be soo proud, you are showing all the signs of a domestic godess in the making he x x

    Fraught mummy - Thank you, i think you definately qualify for the title of domestic Goddess - clearing your laundry basket is no easy feat x x

    Metropolitan mum - ha, thank god it's not just me being dramatic (i did nearly cry). Don't worry though i am soo far from becoming a slave to my home, my feet stick to the kitchen floor and i have weetabix ingrained in my doors - flylady would NOT be impressed x x

  5. Oh no, a toad?! Thank god for your knight!
    I have tried Flylady too but she is far too organised even for me!

  6. I have tried flylady but clearly the woman is not a multiple mummy. Swish and Swipe???
    More like grab and run in our house.
    It's all I can do to find the dishcloth that is being used to wipe the sisters hair never mind shine the sink. Am just happy if we all get out with matching shoes :-)

  7. Sneaky confession: I adore, adore the flylady's sink ritual. It's terribly soothing.

    As for the poo/cot scenario, could you try a grobag with a zip up front, but put the zip at the back? Just a thought!

    (Who's the Mummy)


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