Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Weepy Wednesday

Gossip Girl is over...weep, School is out for summer....triple weep and i have no chocolate left in the house for a bedtime treat....WEEP! So i thought i would cheer myself up with saying a big THANK YOU to my lovely blogging mum chums for thinking of me and Awarding me with a MEMEME award. Cheers Muddling along mummy, Caution....woman at work and baby baby for kindly giving me a reason to rest my ickle brain and just follow orders.

The rules are i must list 7 personality traits:

1)INDECISIVE - I am incapable of making any sort of decisions even simple inconsequential ones like what sandwiches to make for Mia's packed lunch.

2)STUBBORN - Yes i will always cut my nose of to spite my face, must be a taurean thing

3)LOYAL - I will always stand by a friend no matter what!

4)FRIENDLY - Even when people aren't that nice to me i can't help myself, i love to chatter and i can't stand awkward silences.

5)DISORGANISED - My life and home is complete chaos. I never put the laundry away, am always late for everything and can never find my car keys or important paperwork.

6)PASSIVE - I hate confrontation and let most people make the decisions for me out of fear of "rocking the boat", anything for a quiet life.....yet it still alludes me!

7) HONEST - I am a terrible liar it's just not in my nature and even little white lies i cannot get away with. So this one's kind of a double edged sword. I cannot abide liars though and as Sophocles once said "a lie never lives to be old."

So i now i have to pass this onto 7 other deserving blogs but my bed is calling so i will post those tomorrow.......... night night everyone x


  1. Thanks for the "disorganised" bit. I always feel like I'm the only one who has huge piles of ironing or a messy house. Or I'm the only one late to school.

  2. We're practically the same person! :D

    hough I blame the 5 & 6 on becoming a mummy - I used to be super organised until my tiny person started taking over, and I used to have slightly stroppy tendancies - would always fight for refunds, try to get things my own way, complain about rubbish food in restaurants... whereas now I tend to just think yeah, whatever :P

    And NO CHOCOLATE? get to the shops, quick! :D

  3. I think we'd get on, unless you were late of course ;-)

  4. I'd like to comment, but I'm so indecisive I can't think what to say...

  5. I love these lists, so interesting!

  6. I struggle with indecisiveness's terrible!

    I know everyone raves about Gossip Girl, but I still haven't seen it. I'd better get with it! :)


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