Monday, 27 July 2009

Not another MEME

Yes I'm sorry but the lovely Amy and clareybabble have tagged me in the blame Tara meme that's doing the rounds, and i just couldn't refuse such lovely Lady's and well i love nothing more than talking about moi ha ha.

1) Who is the hottest movie star?
I would have to say Matt Damon in the Bourne trilogies he has pecs to die for and Andrew Lincoln, i know he's not really a movie star but he was in the movie LOVE ACTUALLY!

2) Apart from your house and car, what's the most expensive item you've ever bought?
My wedding dress, even though i have now gone off it completely and it is lying gathering dust in my attic.

3) What's your most treasured memory?
Ohh i have so many but i suppose the birth of my children and my wedding day top them all.

4) What was the best gift you received as a child?
Madonna's immaculate collection LP and a brand new Hi Fi system to play it on....i danced for hours to "like a virgin" and "borderline."

5) What is the biggest mistake you've ever made?
Not completing my university degree, i took a gap year and never went back much to the disappointment of my parents.

6) Four words that describe you?
Messy, Caring, daydreamer and chocoholic

7) What was your highlight and lowlight of 2008?
My highlight was seeing my big girl Mia start school in her new crisp uniform with matching ribbons in her hair, she looked amazing and i was so proud of her. My lowlight was the death of my mother in law which happened on Fi's 3rd birthday.

8) Favorite film?Pretty woman and dirty dancing - i know I'm such a girl!

9) Tell me one thing i don't know about you?
I suffered a panic attack yesterday....i used to suffer from them as a teenager and now they have come back to haunt me when i least expect it...they're just awful and i feel like I'm going to die.

10) If you were a comic book/cartoon character who would you be?I'd love to be Jessica Rabbit...those curves and eyelashes are unreal!!!

So now to pass this meme on to 7 deserving blogs, well almost all the blogs i read have already been tagged so forgive me if i have missed anyone out it is completely unintentional and feel free to play along! The seven blogs i pass this onto areas follows and please will you all go and check them out as i think they are fab:

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  1. Hello WOB. Thanks a million for considering my humble blogging deserving of this. It will go straight to my head and I'll be an unbearable diva for the next week at least! Mwah, mwah.

  2. Cool answers there. Jessica Rabbit and Matt Damon, you get bonus points for and I love your best gift as a child story! x

  3. Hey!
    First time anyone ever tagged me / mentioned me in their post. I shall have to drink to your health. Thank you very much.
    Now I've of course gone all self-conscious about answering the questions and who to tag...
    Really this has made my day!

  4. Oh and mmm Andrew Lincoln. Nice quirky choice!

  5. Hot cross mum - you are very welcome, your blogging's ace!! Hope your heads not too big now though hehe x x x

    Tara - Thanks, i'm pretty sure if i could just look like Jessica rabbit for one day i could get Matt Damon to marry me :) x x

    Mwa -I'm so pleased your happy and you are very deserving, glad you know who i'm talking about too as my mates haven't got a clue who i'm gushing over when i mention Andrew Lincoln. mmmmmmmmmmmm he's delicious...hope my hubby doesn't read that though ha x x

  6. Oh gosh, I do sympathise with the panic attack. I suffered from hyperventilation syndrome when my tartlets were very small - I had four in four years, it was tough. So many little people needing mum 24/7 - I even called out the doctor once, I was so convinced I'd had a minor heart attack during the children's bath time

  7. Aw shucks! I don't know what to say!! Thanks so much for tagging me. I promise to get round to it ...soon...honest!
    Meanwhile, hope you're OK after that panic attack. I have them periodically and the first time was so frightening. I couldn't breathe and really thought my heart was going to burst out through my neck. When I was told it was "just" a panic attack, I didn't believe it. I still don't know what the cure is or how to spot one coming which kind of makes it still frightening but at least I know what it is now when it happens. Take care of yourself. The answer, of course, lies within x

  8. Hi WoB. Just realised I've done this one today on 'Bringing up Charlie'. I don't check the 'Dotterel' blog as often as I should so, sorry. Will the answers I gave Rebel Mother do?

  9. Thanks for doing the tag! Panic attacks are awful. I remember having a really bad one once and like The Pineapple Tart I felt like I was having a heart attack. Hope they settle down for you xx
    Oh and I've gone off my wedding dress too!!


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