Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Lovely sisters..

These lovely pictures show how two sisters are enjoying their first whole week playing together, not sure how long it will last, but at least i have photo's to prove they do actually like each other! I think I'll be needing these by the end of the six weeks when they are both tearing each others hair out and ripping limbs of each other's barbie dolls!!!


  1. So cute!

    Can't believe you only get six weeks - we get ten! Imagine the hair-tearing at the end of that! (Mainly by me, on me.)

  2. Very cute, that was me and my sister! It usually lasted until the very final week of the holidays, give or take the odd moment..

  3. Awww- beautiful...funny my post today is virtually the opposite of that. Will be onto meme asap...hope there isn't a time limit.

  4. what lush pics. gorgeous girls x

  5. Tearing the limbs off each other's barbie dolls? They'll need brothers for that one, surely!

  6. Oh that brings back memories of my brother cutting my Barbie's hair off and 'Chewy Hands', the Barbie with...chewed hands of course!


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