Thursday, 4 June 2009


The perils of not having a car are beginning to take it's toll now and if i never see a black cab again it will be too soon, i promise i will do a post soon dedicated to the loss of my car and all will be revealed it's just i am still to traumatised to talk about it yet!

Me and the girls took a cab to visit my friend J and her two girls, it took all my strength just to get us out of the door as Mimi is becoming quite the little diva; demanding matching bobbles, bunches not plates, bratz knickers not Cinderella ones, aquafresh toothpaste not crest, a skirt not shorts, readybrek not weetabix and no plumbs in her socks (don't ask) - she is exhausting. We finally made it to my friends house and had a lovely time, whilst me and J drunk lots of tea and discussed what i should wear to my friends wedding in two weeks (i still haven't bought a dress) the girls were busy playing in the tree house and the twins were fascinated with their gorgeous pet rabbit Pepito. We were discussing clothes when she started to explain how she was wearing big granny pants today and how uncomfortable they were in comparison to her usual thongs, i don't know about you but i am definitely a fan of big pants and could not think of anything worse than a piece of string stuck in between my arse. whilst we are on the topic of knickers i was horrified to discover, whilst in the middle of a very busy park, that Mimi was wearing NO knickers! We had decided later on in the afternoon to take a stroll to the local play area and as i was helping the girls onto the climbing frame i spotted mi flashing everything she's not got. I was mortified, she must have forgotten in the midst of her morning tantrum and i didn't think to look - bad mummy.


  1. I had a situation like that with K once, she went on a swing and I was flashed fully! I am still mortified now...

  2. Ha ha! On my first day of school, I was so excited I forgot my knickers, remember it vividly....I am also a "kickers" rather than thong girl, I even get mad at gorgeous french knicks riding up my ass, although they are the most flatter things ever...

  3. lol! My girls like to 'lose' their knickers too and i'll only realise when they're legs akimbo!! always when they're on a silde etc too so embarassing!

    I am a knickers girl too, thongs are not comfy when you've had kids. Hoorah for big knickers!! x

  4. Amber used to do that all the time. Always knickerless! Still dances without knickers (ballet requires no knickers under leotards)!

    Im afraid I'm a thong person....although it is a step up from going comando!


  5. Little S prefers commando, but luckily being a boy you wouldn't notice if he was...except when he walks around with trousers off which is often! I'm for big knickers too xx
    P.S. I recently bought a dress from Monsoon, they've got some lovely ones in there x

  6. I love big Knickers! (much to my husbands disgust). He had me in thongs (g strings as we call them over here) but after my 4th baby I stood up for myself and brought the most amazing pair of sucky-inny pants! they go right up over my tummy button and down to my mid thigh. These are my "going out undies" and they are brilliant. I have never had my kids commando (as far as I know) but there has been a few times I've caught them wearing 2 or 3 pairs at once as they couldn't be bothered changing them!

  7. Highlighting your blog on BMB this week!

  8. My 2 year old son recently went through a period of mooning people in public. I made the mistake at laughing at it the first time and it took ages for him to learn that it wasn't really funny any more.

  9. Never quite managed that one, but then, I only have one child to get out of the door. I did once take her to the chilminder with her trousers on back to front. She was only 9 months old, so it was entirely my fault. My lovely childminder didn't make a fuss, she just sorted her out for me!

  10. Tawny - Glad it's not just me then :)x

    allgrownup - Your poor parents they must have died :) Couldn't agree more - french knickers are v flattering although they are still uncomfortable. x

    Amy - My 3 year old alwaystakes hers off after every toilet visit - we go through abaout 5 pairs a day! Glad your a big pants fan too, children have got alot to answer for x

    Rebel mother -haha i go commando to, but generally it's when i have lots of laundry to catch up on, not cos i don't want a vpl :) x

    Clareybabble - thanks for the advise, monsoon do have lovely things in at the mo and the kids stuff is just fab. I went to M&S at the weekend for some percy pigs and ended up finding my outfit with matching shoes too, so i am very happy i don't have to worry about something to wear anymore x

    Widge - Good for you, i also have lots of lycra underwear-a neccesity after bearing four kids :) Mine have never done the wearing 3 pairs.......YET! x

    Dan - haha sorry for laughing, you have quite the exhibitionist on your hands x

    working mum - My girls are always putting their clothes on back to front and their shoes on the wrong feet, it's entirely their own fault though lol x

  11. Hey WOB
    Really enjoying your blog!
    There is an award waiting for you over at my blog!

  12. comment has disappeared. What I wanted to say: I like your blog!

    And as little L is still in nappies, we are on the safe side for another 2 years, at least. As for me: I pick my underwear relative to the presentableness of my behind. Hence, bikini-bottom-style knickers it is for me. Thongs make my bum look like a rolled pork roast.

  13. Big knickers all the way.

    With 2 boys, I don't tend to get the inadvertant flash of no knicker glory. But they do like taking their shorts and pants off at any given opportunity, the least appropriate the better. I spend a lot of time chasing around 2 little white bottoms trying to get them to put their pants back on.

    You might think I am the most disgusting person on the planet, and that is your right. Rebecca Jane Stokes Jul 18, 2013
    I don’t understand why anyone wears underwear. I mean, I can conceive of why as a person with a penis you might want to -- it could get stuck in things like train doors or the slats of a beach chair. But as a lady, it’s something I have a hard time wrapping my head around. Because I almost never do. I haven’t for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty sure it started out of laziness, but now as a much-less-lazy adult with a penchant for pretty things, bottom-lingerie is still something I’d rather do without.
    “Oh my god,” my friends say when I disclose this intel. “What about when you are wearing a skirt?”
    To which I respond, “Whatever man, it’s already a crazy-complex ecosystem happening down there in the bush and beyond -- I doubt a little office-chair-contact is going to fuck it up.”
    People also get squicked when they consider the fact that I ride the subway. But let’s be real -- most of the time I don’t get a seat, and when I do, it’s not like I’m wearing a lot of micro-minis (my ass does this things where it extends to basically right above my knee, eliminating the things most of you have called "thighs.") For the most part my shit is covered, protecting my parts and protecting you from any and all juices, because I am a model citizen.
    Besides, even if your jeans come into contact with some of my crack/slit sweat, I doubt it’s the worst thing you’ve rubbed up against on public transportation. I once watched a drunk guy pee onto the floor and run so quickly between cars to hurl that he threw up on the door while careening into it and then fell back down into his own pee. Just as a “for example.”
    I don’t wear underwear because I hate it. I hate how it makes me sweat, no matter what the fabric, cut, or style. I hate how it loves to sneak into my asshole uninvited. I hate how even the ones that fit right enhance my muffin top. Not to mention, modern underwear doesn’t flatter the bush-having among us. It make me look like my vagina is a wearing a tiny spandex hat.

  15. When I was a little girl I never used to wear any panties at home, always taking them off after school. I did this until I got to about twelve, and then started removing them at school before walking home. Soon I was removing them earlier and earlier until by the age of fifteen I hardly ever wore them at all.
    They were finally abandoned completely as soon as I left school, never to be worn again.
    I normally wear skirts and dresses with nothing beneath, although in cold weather I sometimes wear hold-ups.

  16. Great show - knickers/panties were invented in about 1935 9or should we say "imposed" by style & advertising … before that there was no elastic & very little at all like nylon … just healthy, great sunshine & fresh air with almost never any yeast infections!

  17. I started going without knickers at about 13. At first it was just at the weekend, but gradually I started going to school knickerless on the occasional day or two. This continued until the last holiday before I left school. For the entire holiday I wore no knickers under my skirts and dresses. At the time it felt like a very grown-up thing to do. It was definitely more comfortable. During my last term I was totally without knickers, and sometimes no bra as well.
    Now, some four years later I still go command all the time. I always wear skirts and dresses, some are quite short. It has never bothered me if someone gets a look underneath. In fact, sometimes I quite enjoy it.

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