Wednesday, 24 June 2009

It's better late than never....Recycle week starts now!

Well I've been a bit lazy of late and have only just managed to force myself into starting the recycling pledge. Thanks to the gruesome twosome that is Emily and Amy i have been shamed into partaking and my pledge is to use up all my leftovers for lunch. It's chicken fajitas tonight ans so i don't think I'll have any leftovers as i make mean Mexican food, even if i do say so myself. However the kids are having some form of pasta so whatever is left will be served up for lunch tomorrow, i have no worries as they will eat ANYTHING!

To make it a little more interesting i have vowed to clean my oven if i fail my recycling challenge, and believe me that's no easy feat as i am quite the minger and my oven hasn't seen soapy liquid or a scourer for the three years I've had it! Out of sight out of mind, that's my excuse anyway, it has to be seen to be believed i'll post a pic - Kym and Aggie would be mortified. Now as I'm a little late i will start the pledge from today and carry it through till next Wednesday, so wish me luck.........

These are the rules......

1. Visit and sign up to one of the pledges to waste less.

2. Share details of your pledge on your blog.

3. Choose 5 other bloggers who you think will be up for a bit of recycling fun.

4. Return to The Rubbish Diet and share your pledge in the comments section.

5. Optional - As a thank you to all involved, The Rubbish Diet will be publishing a British Mummy Bloggers' Recycling week carnival on Monday 29th June. To be included, simply submit your favourite post revealing the progress of your pledge by Saturday 27th June to

* Sorry but as i have missed the start i will give number 3 a miss......your all safe for now!!!


  1. Blimerooni, cleaning the oven, there's a hot wind of encouragement up your back. I tried to leave a comment the other day on your shepherd pie (naughty!!! but oh so understandable, sometimes just HAS to be done) one but the page just boomed and pinged and went on about illegal operations (so dramatic!)

  2. Me Dramatic Never!!!! Thanks for the wind of encouragement believe me i'll be needing it x

  3. Good luck with the recycling! BTW, I've tagged you, over at mine ;o)


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